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RDD Asia 2016

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RDD Online with the support of Aptar Pharma will organise Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Asia 2016. The conference will feature podium sessions where expert speakers will address a blend of contemporary issues and essential background relating to pMDIs, DPIs, nebulisers, nasal sprays and emerging aerosol delivery platforms.

Discussions will include:

  • Global regulation of inhaled and nasal drug products
  • New therapeutic opportunities
  • Generic drug development
  • Advanced drug delivery technologies
  • Current issues in inhaled and nasal drug product testing

Scientific poster session and technology exhibition in which device and equipment designers and component suppliers will present their latest innovations alongside scientific posters from the Asian and international aerosol community. Workshop sessions will offer an opportunity for companies to present practical and interactive demonstrations of new technologies, products and services.

Academics, industrial and regulatory scientists involved in the development, investigation, preparation and delivery of existing and therapeutic entities by inhalation are likely to attend the conference.

Date: November 8-11, 2016
Venue: Goa Marriott Resort & Spa, Goa

Contact Details:
Joanne Peart
Email: [email protected]

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