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The Song of Hope

60 Doctors from all across India coming together to put a smile on your face.

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A month after the COVID-19 lockdown, three gynaecologists decided they could not let the lockdown keep us down.

Dr Sheetal Sawankar, Dr Pooja Nadkarni Singh, and Dr Unnati Mamtora decide to curate a “video of hope” with 60 doctors from across India grooving in their OT scrubs to Pharrell Williams’ Happy.

Within four days, they had enough footage to hand over to Rahul Kedia & Puja Kedia, of the Ministry of Memories, Surat who then weaved it together.

And the result? An instant hit, reaching a million views across Instagram, WhatsApp and Twitter in 48 hours.

#YoungDoctorsSpreadingSmiles #LetsFightCorona #MentalHealthAwareness #ThankYouDoctors #CoronaWarriors

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