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Smart Labtech: Scientifically yours


SMART Labtech, a premier supplier of laboratory analytical, biotechnological, environmental, microscopic and weighing equipment, renders its services by supplying time tested and quality products from internationally renowned manufacturers

PV Satya Prasad

Smart Labtech is an established leader in sales and marketing of analytical instrumentation line for more than a decade. The company’s wide range of product lines meet one touch performance criteria while offering not only quality but also add value to it. When it comes to customers’ total solutions, clients are provided with experience and functional technological innovation of its internationally reputed principles, which keep Smart Labtech ahead in the competition. The company has adopted a flexible approach and customises its products in accordance with customers’ requests and accessories.

Smart Labtech has a strong commitment in innovation and continuously reviews new technologies as they emerge and invests significant resources to expand its horizon to reach the market. To meet this requirement, Smart Labtech has been striving hard not only in expanding product lines but also established its offices across the country by following certain ethics and principles in rendering the optimum level of customer satisfaction.

The product range falls right from the simple chromatography column or a NIST Traceable Buffer to a sophisticated ultra micro balance and X-Ray diffractometer.

Smart Labtech is the distributor to the following companies mentioned below.

Sartorius: Sartorius is an internationally leading laboratory and process technology provider with core areas of expertise in biotechnology and weighing. The technological process, high quality of products and services of Sartorius has certainly made Smart Labtech one of the preferred partners for the pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical and cosmetics industries, as well as the food and beverage industry. Smart Labtech has carried the Sartorius brand, has symbolised the trust and performance and value that Sartorius, a Guinness World Record holder,  for producing nanogram balances and is known globally through its steadfast commitment in product development for over 140 years. The product portfolio of its weighing division focuses on high value laboratory instruments such as lab balances and laboratory water purification systems to all customers from research and quality assurance laboratories of pharma, chemical and food industries as well from the academic sector.

Memmert: Memmert is a German professional company and an expert in thermostatic professionals since the last 80 years. It develops and produces thermal ovens, incubators and stability chambers meeting all thermal applications including in the fields of industrial material and component testing biological, chemical and food research, a wide range of quality tests in sophisticated production process of human and veterinary medicine. The technology used in the development of control technology and systems for heating and cooling and uncompromising quality-control measures make Memmert a leading manufacturer of thermal products worldwide serving around 190 countries. Smart Labtech has taken utmost care to bring in these highly accurate and technological products to its clientele matching their level of laboratories to international standards.

Bourevestnik: Bourevestnik is a Russian company, which for more than half a century, has been creating devices and catering to the needs of different industries and areas of scientific and technical activities such as mining and ore, dressing industry, atomic power, oil refining, metallurgy and machine industry, electronic industry, nano industry and environmental monitoring. It also offers analytical instruments including diffractometers, analysers, sulphur in petroleum, on line water monitoring. Smart Labtech, with a lot of confidence in these product lines, has captivated and taken the responsibility for the Indian market.

Reagecon: Reagecon is an Irish manufacturer and largest producer of physical and chemical standards and reagents. Reagecon occupies a unique position in terms of range, scope, breadth and depth of products offered. Techniques, technologies and scientific disciplines covered includes standards, reagents and reference materials under ISO 17025 accreditation.

Plas-Labs: Plas-Labs is a world leader in acrylic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, nitrogen dry glove boxes, and HEPA-filtered isolation glove boxes. Since 1967, Plas-Labs product line of glove boxes have been used in research laboratories all over the world. The Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box is the latest in CO2 control, oxygen control, and temperature-controlled containment system. Plas-Labs also offers a variety of animal care and research products like poultry isolators, rodent containment systems and intensive care units.

Biomeriux: Biomeriux is a French leading company in the field of microbiology. The company produces the largest range of microbial control solutions (reagents, instruments, software and services). Biomeriux provides answers from sample preparation to final identification and typing micro-organism catering to food/ water, bio-pharmaceutical, cosmetic/ personal care segments and many more. Smart Labtech is pleased to announce its association with Biomeriux.

Smart Labtech also represents many other companies like Waters Corporation for column chemistry products and Perkin Elmer for their range of products in the allotted geometrical sections. Smart Labtech also represents other reputed principles and offer their products for quality control/ research and development laboratories.

The complete process of sales and customer support is organised by highly qualified and well trained sales and service team in order to protect the image of principles as well as to uplift the self-image to a higher orbit.

Contact Details:
Corporate office
Behind Andhra Bank,
SR Nagar, Hyderabad – 500038
Tel: 040 – 66624394
Email: [email protected]

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