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Bosch expands pharmaceutical portfolio

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20161130ep62Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of processing and packaging technology, has expanded its expertise in the non-aseptic packaging process for pharmaceuticals. Following the introduction of the Sigpack TTMP topload cartoner for pharma products, the company now adds two further machines to its portfolio: the Sigpack VPF vertical flat pouch machine and the horizontal flow wrapping machine Sigpack HML.

The new vertical flat pouch machine Sigpack VPF was developed especially for the packaging of powders. Pain killers in powder form are amongst the products typically filled into sachets. Thanks to the innovative sealing technology from Bosch, the machine produces hermetically sealed packages, which safely protect the product. The VPF allows manufacturers to flexibly expand their sachet production by up to twelve lanes. The pouch size can also be quickly and easily adapted according to customer requirements. Thanks to the high dosing accuracy and excellent sealing properties, the machine can produce and fill up to 1500 sachets per minute precisely and at the highest quality.

Compact horizontal flow wrapping machine for hermetic packaging Bosch further extends its portfolio by a compact horizontal flow wrapping machine, which can either be loaded independently or integrated seamlessly into a complete line.

The Sigpack HMUL or HML is available either with ultrasonic or heat sealing technology. With the expanded machine portfolio, Bosch now offers packaging solutions for every production step from a single source – for example for the treatment of diabetes. Insulin can be produced with bioreactors from Bosch, subsequently filled into cartridges and assembled to insulin pens on further Bosch equipment. CIP/ SIP cleaning systems and sterilisation equipment can also be integrated into the production process. With the new machine range, manufacturers now also have the possibility to hermetically package the insulin pens into flow wraps. End-of-line solutions such as the Sigpack TTMP cartoner round off Bosch’s line competence.

In September 2016, the Sigpack VPF received the German Packaging Award from the German Packaging Institute (DVI) in the category packaging machinery.

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