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ACG Worldwide Group offers Convel Srl’s products in visual inspection and leak testing in SAARC countries


Siddhant Bhambhani, Product Manager, ACG Inspection Systems, elaborates on the reasons behind the launch of Convel Srl’s C2 and C2D particles inspection machine

Siddhant Bhambhani

The Asian injectable drug delivery market is expected to reach $75.6 billion in 2020 growing at a CAGR of 13 per cent. Today, Asia is considered the fastest growing injectables market due to factors like the rising prevalence of chronic diseases, growth of biologics and biosimilars, technological developments and rapidly rising demand for self-injection medical devices.1

Taking cognizance of this growing demand for injectables and the need for stringent regulatory compliance of liquid inspection has increased. With this increase in demand, the requirement of regulation compliant inspection systems has also increased and that’s why ACG Inspection has launched Convel Srl’s C2 and C2D particles inspection machine. Convel is an Italian R&D-driven company focused on developing liquid inspection solutions for pharma industry with more than 50 installations worldwide. These visual inspection machines, C2 and C2D carry out reliable, efficient inspection of ampoules and vials for foreign matter and cosmetic defects. C2 is ideal for medium-scale production inspecting up to 200 pcs/min; whereas C2D is used for larger scale inspecting up to 400 pcs/min. These machines have three stations for particle inspection with specialised light, configurable for both reflecting and not-reflecting particles. It can also be configured with stations for inspection of vial seals, ampoules tips, black spots and code rings. Both C2 and C2D are CFR 21 Part 11 compliant products and offer user-friendly HMI based interface with password protected access and ‘Audit trail’ functions.

ACG Inspection (ACG-i), a hi-tech vision inspection and track and trace company and a part of the ACG Worldwide Group now offers Convel Srl’s products in visual inspection and leak testing in SAARC countries. Inclusion of Convel’s products add a new dimension to ACG Inspection’s already diverse product portfolio to serve its Indian and global customers. With this addition, the ACG-i offers a comprehensive range of inspection solutions for solid as well as liquid dosage forms.

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