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‘We are planning to set up shop in the Americas in a very unique way’

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Ideal Cures has recently announced the opening of its representative office in the US. Dr Kamlesh Oza as the new President – Global Business Development will take charge of expanding the company’s global reach. Sanjiv Das finds out more on his vision for the company in an interview

As the President – Global Business Development, Ideal Cures, what new ideas are you hoping to implement?

20160315ep35The ideas are around global business planning, new business development, M&A activities and leading actionable global and regional strategies to become the supplier of choice for the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. We plan to increase the awareness of the most innovative set of products compared to our competitors by showcasing them globally. We will participate in industry events that we were not part of earlier such as Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), ExcipientFest and American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).

After three decades in an MNC , what was the driving factor which made you to shift to an India-headquartered company?

Entrepreneurship, swift implementation of strategy and decision making.

How different is your current role from the previous one? What are the challenges you foresee?

In my previous roles I managed a region, then a strategic business unit (SBU) and finally a service along with global accounts. These were bits and pieces of the entire business. At Ideal Cures, I will manage the global business in its entirety with unrestricted consult with all functions such as sales, operations and technical services. The challenges will be to be at the right place at the right time in setting up resources to support our business and it is dependent on how the pharma industry business and geography shapes up.

As part of your new role, you are going to start an application lab and a manufacturing plant in the US. What are the new innovations you will be incorporating in this project?

We are planning to set up shop in the Americas in a very unique way so watch this space.

What will be your strategy to expand Ideal Cures’ global reach?

Ideal Cures has an energised work force, multiple excipact approved facilities and world class products that can be leveraged for the international market. Further, we will continue to invest in creating infrastructure to follow high concentration clusters of pharma facilities around the world. We will develop people, teams, portfolios and sales strategies to be at the cutting-edge of business, ensuring sustainable returns to customers, shareholders and employees.

What percentage of Ideal Cures’ revenues comes from overseas business? Which are the best performing markets?

From our perspective, we define overseas business as product moving directly out of India to a customer as well as that which is used for products made in India for the overseas market. So it’s not an exact science on the split but we can say we have a very balanced split. Presently, the best performing markets are Europe and Asia.

What are the targets you have set for yourself in Ideal Cures?

The key target is to increase our market share globally.

What is going to be your strategy to achieve these targets?

Our strategy will be to increase awareness of Ideal Cures services and products by participating in global events. We will also like to showcase our innovative products such as Instacoat 4G, the most advanced film coating system, which can be reconstituted at 35 per cent solids and still have a low viscosity and is ideally suited for continuous coaters.

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