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Rusan Healthcare supports BEST employees to quit tobacco

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Provides free treatment for tobacco cessationto 100 BEST staff

On the eve of World No Tobacco Day, Rusan Healthcare with an aim to promote ‘Tobacco free BEST’ provided medical guidance and assistance to BEST conductors and drivers to help them quit tobacco and lead a healthy life.

Rusan Healthcare conducted a special camp for BEST staff to assess their level of tobacco addiction, educate them about health hazards of tobacco consumption and the importance of leading a healthy life by giving up tobacco. Thence, Rusan Healthcare has taken this initiative to provide three months Nicotine Replacement Therapy to 100 BEST employees to keep them away from the harmful effects of tobacco consumption.

Rusan Healthcare’s medical team conducted tobacco cessation camps across 26 depots in the city and provided counselling to support them in quitting tobacco. Basis the intensity levels of addiction, around 100 conductors and drivers will be provided complete three month tobacco cessation therapy using 2baconil transdermal patch. This is a nicotine replacement therapy that provides a measured dose of harmless nicotine that reduces the withdrawal symptoms experienced by a patient.

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