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C-Suite Executives in India & APAC foresee the advent of SIOs as critical success factor in 2014

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BTI Consultants, executive search division of Kelly Services, have released a report titled ‘Executive Outlook Survey 2014.’ The report reflects revenue predictions of business in 2014 which look significant alongside the arrival Socially Intelligent Organisations (SIOs) as a noticeable trend by CEOs for the success of an organisation. It also provides a glimpse into management thinking as it deals with each of these critical success factors from both an internal and an external perspective.

“Overall, global economies have proved remarkably resilient in emerging from the deepest downturn in a generation including seeing off a series of autonomous debt crises that could have derailed recovery. Hence, in order to improve the business scenario it is important to identify and respond to changing dynamics and promote the idea of the ‘socially intelligent organisation’—one that embraces collaboration and harnesses diversity to promote innovation and change,” said, James Agrawal, Managing Director, BTI Consultants India.

The survey captures the consideration of 326 leaders and executives of companies with 89 per cent companies based in Asia Pacific across industries like manufacturing, ICT, consulting, health and pharmaceuticals, financial services and insurance, property, infrastructure, transport and logistics, and oil and gas.

It shows that a solid 22 per cent expect ‘significant growth’ in revenue, indicating that some firms will continue to reap the benefit of Asia’s powerhouse economic positioning. On profits, a total of 76 per cent are expecting either no change or only marginal growth in profitability. The report additionally highlights the advent of the Socially Intelligent Organisation (SIOs) encapsulates key elements of the dynamism that is now required to manage and prosper in a rapidly evolving environment. With over 52 per cent approving the fact that they are a Socially Intelligent and 77 per cent are of the opinion that Social Intelligence Drives Profitability.

The emergence of social intelligence in a business setting brings together an array of disciplines and processes to address issues in a coherent and collaborative way. SIOs are serving to sharpen business instincts and harness all available resources to detect, interpret and confront the challenges that are now coming faster than ever. The outlook for India seems to be positive and business leaders have demonstrated that they are confident about the situation, yet they are clear that profit improvement will not come easily and that every bit of additional returns will be hard won.

In India, business leaders are far more optimistic than their counterparts elsewhere.

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