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ZIM to expand its refrigerated container fleet

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The expansion of the refrigerated container fleet will support the growing demand for ZIMonitor, ZIM’s premium reefer cargo tracking service

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services has expanded its refrigerated container fleet in order to cater to the demand for its innovative ZIMonitor service. Launched in early 2015, ZIMonitor allows customers to track, monitor and remotely control sensitive, high-value cargo stowed in refrigerated, or reefer, containers. Customers can opt to receive alerts regarding their shipment via text message or email, closely monitor their cargo’s status and intervene to prevent damages through ZIM’s 24/7 dedicated global response team.

An order of approximately 1900×40-Feet High-Cube refrigerated containers is planned to be deployed during 2016. The new advanced and environment-friendly containers were specifically designed to accommodate the ZIMonitor service and received a special prefix: ZMOU.

ZIM has partnered with Teva Pharmaceutical Industries on a successful pilot of the ZIMonitor service that addressed Teva’s uncompromising commitment to the quality of its products and its dedication to meet the requirements of its customers. Upon the successful completion of the pilot, the ZIMonitor service quickly gained popularity among ZIM’s customer base.

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