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‘We provide end-to-end digitalisation for pharma companies’

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Krishna Singh, Founder, CMD, Globalspaces Technologies speaks on his company’s offerings that can facilitate a smooth entry into the digital age for pharma players, in an interaction with Mansha Gagneja

Give us an overview of the solutions you offer for the pharma sector.

Krishna Singh

We have different solutions  that assist pharma and healthcare professionals. For instance, GloDigitAll is an end-to-end solution for organisations undergoing digital transformation. With the aid of the devices and software from GlobalSpace, organisations can transform their traditional process of sales and marketing to digital. We provide fully integrated solutions for organisations to facilitate their entry into the digital age with supreme level of confidence.

GloEDGE is another software for E-Detailing, a process used by medical representatives to present their products to the clients on a digital medium. This is one of the first steps that organisations take when they start their journey.

GloSFA is a sales force automation platform which is used for sales reporting, analytics and a host of other things. When integrated with GloEDGE it becomes a brute force for medical professionals and reduces their workload so that they can concentrate on their primary responsibilities.

GloKIOSK is a solution that can be implemented anywhere to acquire customers, educate customers and for marketing purposes. The end usage of GloKIOSK is only limited by your imagination. We can implement KIOSK PAN India as we provide end-to-end turnkey support. We have already deployed 5000 GloKIOSKs all over India.

GloConsult is the assessment of digital maturity of pharma companies. It is a digital consultancy service covering wide range of parameters. With GloConsult we help pharma companies with the digital transformation of their Sales and Marketing features. With high domain experience, we provide end to end digitalisation for pharma companies.

Can you tell us about some of your installations in the pharma industry?

Benefits to one of our reputed client are as follows:

Mobility on the go:- Cost of creating or changing a collateral has reduced significantly as everything is digital and it is shared with teams on one click.
Real time analytics:- Productivity has gone up as real time analysis is available to the teams. Engagement has gone up due to better UI and user experience.
Reporting:- Reporting has become super easy with these solutions and field teams like it as they don’t have to create a report separately.

All forms of conventional marketing are stopped and only digital marketing is used. The complete solution brought down the cost of marketing significantly. The seamless process manages this with ease and without any external intervention.

While formulating solutions, do you seek advice from pharma and healthcare industry. What are the key takeaways?

We always seek advice and have discussion with the pharma and healthcare industry on what their mission or goals are for the next five years. The solution that we provide helps them achieve these goals. Also, we see to it that there is a smooth transition from their traditional methods to the new digitalised process. The discussion and sessions we have with them is also to boost their confidence level. Key takeaways will be to see firsthand how our solution is helping them and how to resolve any queries they might have, not only for them but also for other clients.

What are the challenges faced while designing solutions for the life sciences vertical?

Challenges faced may vary from client to client. But some of the common ones are:

  • Life Science industry is a niche industry.
  • Lack of need to change
  • Lack of need to invest

What are the unique advantages you offer to your clients? How widely are your solutions accepted within the pharma sector?

GlobalSpace offers an unbeatable solution, not only for the field but also the office workforce. It consists of two- in-one convertible device (laptop cum tablet) of which we are OEM.  it provides e-Detailing solution, Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, Microsoft Office productivity suite and interactive on-demand content to be used by field force. The tablet acts as an information carrier for the field teams where corporate teams can broadcast message, deploy content and see analytics. The field force can present interactive content, complete reporting and customise their sales pitch. The major problem with respect to content creation, deployment and logistics are solved by the e-Detailing solution. The active time spent by sales team on product content is also recorded for analytical purpose.

We have deployed end-to-end solutions which have over 25000 users from different clients.

How fast is the life sciences sector going digital?

The life sciences industry is moving very fast towards digitalisation but slower than any other industry. Most of the companies are reluctant in going digital due to lack of funds or some other issue. But they are catching up slowly and steadily and we are there to boost their confidence and help them take the necessary steps towards digitalisation.

What is your market share in India? What does the pharma sector  contribute to it?

We are the market leaders in providing Enterprise Mobility Solution (hardware and software – bundled solution). We primarily cater to the pharma industry. We are entering into the BFSI and education space in a big way.

Are there any new investments in the pipeline?

GlobalSpace is going to soon come out with an IPO. This change will help us in growing and we wish to invest the funds primarily towards business expansion and research and development.

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