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We always drive for enhancements and improvements in the way we interact and serve our customers


Dr Susanna Baque, Global Senior Director of Customer Experience, SCIEX elucidates about how SCIEXNow Customer Experience Centers and online portal are providing a single platform for customers to get the support they need globally

Tell us more about SCIEXNow Customer Experience Centers (CXC) and SCIEXNow Online? Which services are included?

Dr Susanna Baque

Customers need information at their fingertips and rapid access to support whenever necessary, whether by phone or online. The SCIEXNow Customer Experience Centers – a network of dedicated experts offering telephone and remote support – and SCIEXNow online portal have been designed with customers in mind, ensuring that support is readily and conveniently available.

Previously, customers had multiple contact numbers for SCIEX – i.e. the service engineers direct numbers, the sales representatives– and there was no tracking system, making it difficult to monitor the status of a call. Of course our engineers provide best in-class service to customers, but they needed to be on the field and at the same time handle other customer’s calls, what was not always convenient. Customers also told us that they want to talk to the right person the first time they call, and not have to keep repeating the same information again and again to different people. This is why we established the SCIEXNow Customer Experience Center offering technical support in local language, providing a single point of entry for any enquiry. One call is all it takes to log an enquiry, which is then tracked until completion.

What’s the difference between SCIEXNow online and earlier customer support? How can customers access SCIEXNow services?

The main difference is that we can provide a single platform for customers to get the support they need, either by calling the SCIEXNow phone number (000-800-919-0274), or submitting a case via our customer portal, SCIEXNow Online, and they can be assured that the request is tracked and they can more easily follow up progress of it.

We have our frontline team using their expert knowledge to triage each enquiry and pass it directly to either the Technical Assistance Center (TAC) group or the Software and Application Support (SAS) team, dedicated experts working to support our customers remotely. TAC and SAS have technical specialists located across the region that, can access customers’ systems remotely for troubleshooting and in many occasions solving the issues. These technical experts will support the customers remotely first, and if needed will dispatch an expert on site.

Why has SCIEX decided to launch SCIEXNow CXC and SCIEXNow online? Which techniques are used in it?

We launched the first SCIEXNow Customer Experience Center three years ago in Europe, with the aim to provide a single entry point for customers to get answers from SCIEX in an efficient way. We expanded later to North America, Japan, China and rest of Asia; and now in India. We have the latest infrastructures in call centre systems and CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems to be able to provide the best support and track all inquiries.

SCIEXNow Online was launched once the infrastructure and people (Customer Experience Centers) were in place, and has been developed to ensure uptime is addressed in a critical manner. SCIEXNow Online complements the Customer Experience Centers, providing personalised support throughout the instrument’s life cycle, including system and service call management. Users can also access articles offering straightforward self-help, the SCIEXUniversity and training catalog, and the Technical Live Chat service. Customers can easily track support calls, monitor an instrument’s real-time status, take part in discussions with the online community, or follow their
education through the SCIEXUniversity’s range of eLearning courses, which include interactive videos.

What are the characteristics of SCIEXNow Customer Experience Center and SCIEXNow online? What makes the product different from your competitors? What are the advantages of SCIEXNow online?

Whether a customer has a simple information request, needs help to develop a new workflow or optimising an existing one, or is facing technical issues, we know how important fast resolutions are to a lab’s results. SCIEXNow Customer Experience Centers provide the phone single entry for all customers’ enquiries. And integrated to that, SCIEXNow Online is the latest innovation to optimise our customers’ experience with SCIEX, allowing researchers to check and manage everything online.

Integrated tools like a Knowledge Base search and multiple ways to contact us enable customers to find the answers they need for themselves, or with one click, a SCIEX expert is ready to assist them. And all interactions are tracked and visible for customers online. No competitor has the integrated systems, processes, experts and online tools to serve customers and provide the answers they need, when they need them, and in an omnichannel approach. The key thing for our customers is ready access to high level of service. With SCIEXNow, customers have a choice of contact options. While the Customer Experience Center makes phone contact simple, many people prefer to contact online. The focus is on giving customers the support they need in a way that works for them.

SCIEXNow CXC was first launched in Europe in 2014, then in phases to rest of the world. It has been launched in India now. Please share some successful cases studies as to how customer experience changed within this time frame.

The SCIEXNow Customer Experience Centers and SCIEXNow Online portal are growing in popularity as customers increasingly realise the benefits they offer. Customers no longer have to spend time searching for the right number to call, their service and support calls are fully traceable, and training needs can be addressed via a choice of online courses. No matter what type of support customers require, it can be rapidly and easily obtained.

SCIEXNow CXC has been launched in India. What similarities and differences do you witness among customers in India and other countries?

We launched SCIEXNow Customer Experience Center on July 10. At the same time, we started promoting the online version, which has been already live since October 2015, but not extensively used by India customers. Customer needs are in general the same in all regions, they want uptime, fast answers, and talk to the right expert to get first contact resolution. We always have regional/ country-specific needs, that we address based on following a standard and global process, with local deployment.

What is the overall customer experience of SCIEX? What steps will SCIEX undertake to improve customer experience?

We ask our customers about the experience with SCIEX in many touchpoints during their journey, and we gather feedback to continuously improve. The customer experience is positive based on their feedback, but with our SCIEX and Danaher culture of continuous improvement, we always drive for enhancements and improvements in the way we interact and serve our customers.

We have a dedicated global team that I’m leading, with a clear strategy and priority to continuously improve our customer experience. We’re driving different initiatives that are encompassed under what we call the SCIEX ‘Customer Success Network’: people, processes and tools to make sure we make it easy for customers to do business with us, to get the answers they need, when they need them. SCIEXNow CXC and SCIEXNow Online are part of this success network, and we’re expanding it not only regionally, but also in additional reach for our customers. Innovation is the key, to overachieve customer’s expectations, and most importantly to make it easy for them to be successful.

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