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Waters introduces Proteolabels software


Product extends the functionality of Progenesis QI for Proteomics applications

Waters Corporation announced that it will now offer Proteolabels, a new software that has been designed as an extension for Progenesis QI for proteomics users and researchers. Proteolabels supports studies involving stable isotope labels, such as ‘SILAC’ and dimethyl labelling in duplex or triplex. Waters is offering Proteolabels through an exclusive agreement with Omic Analytics, an innovative start-up based in Liverpool, UK.

“Waters takes great pride in working with innovative research groups like Omic Analytics to develop effective solutions to solve customer needs,” said Dr. Steve Smith, Vice President Informatics at Waters. “Proteolabels extends the use of Progenesis QI for proteomics, a need for many of our customers working in health sciences, along with a growing number in food and environmental research.”

Proteolabels was engineered with a focus on performance and usability, empowering scientists to explore their data and achieve high-quality results.

Features include:

  • Co-detection: The workflow builds upon the Progenesis QI for proteomics co-detection feature, in which features are aligned across LC-MS runs to improve sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Auto-detect: Proteolabels makes a first pass through the data to suggest optimal parameters, simplifying the analysis.
  • Peptide scoring: Proteolabels contains novel metrics for scoring the quality of pairs/ triples detected, enabling users to measure the reliability of quantitation down to the level of each peptide.
  • Intelligent protein inference: Intelligent weighted averaging of different peptide-level signals is performed, to give more accurate protein-level quantitation results.
  • QC metrics: Proteolabels contains a large number of QC metrics and data plotting options, enabling users to interact and explore their data, and, where needed, make decisions as to how arrive at the best protein set.

“At Omic Analytics, we are excited to be collaborating with Waters on this new venture. We look forward to seeing Proteolabels in action with scientists all over the world,” said Prof Andy Jones, Director of Omic Analytics, UK.

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