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Telstar to promote latest generation of Sterility Test Isolators at Interphex

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20160415ep30Telstar will promote the latest generation of Sterility Test Isolators integrated with the innovative ionised Hydrogen Peroxide (ionHP) bio-decontamination system at Interphex, to be held in New York from April 26-28, 2016.

The ionHP system is the latest leading-edge bio-decontamination technology for aseptic systems, developed to resolve some of the traditional difficulties associated with H2O2 bio – decontamination processes. Unlike conventional systems, the ionHP technology developed by Telstar increases the efficacy of the bio – decontamination process and reduces degradation of construction materials while using a very low concentration of H2O2. Reduced bio-decontamination cycle times are possible since the process efficiency is not affected by temperature and humidity and therefore there is no need to pre-condition the chamber prior to H2O2 injection.

The ionHP bio-decontamination system incorporated in the new Telstar Pura will be promoted at Interphex. Telstar Pura is a range of two, three and four glove Sterility Test Isolators, with the option of a transfer chamber for batch or continuous sterility testing. It is designed to avoid the risk of false results and to protect the product from both the process and externally generated factors that would compromise its quality. The Telstar Pura range is suitable for performing both Direct Inoculation and Filter Membrane sterility tests.

During Interphex, Telstar will also promote its latest innovations in the field of process equipment developed with lyophilisation, sterilisation and water and pure steam technologies, specifically directed at the pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

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