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Shimadzu launches new Nexis GC


The launch of this new product is in line with its focus on continuous innovation and introduction of market leading technologies

Shimadzu Corporation, Japan, has launched the Next Industry Standard Gas Chromatograph – Nexis GC-2030 – in the Indian market, as part of its global launch. Shimadzu launched its first gas chromatograph over 60 years ago and today is one of the world’s fastest growing chromatography companies. The launch of this new product is in line with its focus on continuous innovation and introduction of market leading technologies. Toshvin Analytical, authorised distributor of Shimadzu Analytical instruments in India since 1970, organised a series of product launch seminars in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai, which were attended by over 450 customers.

Manoj Kantak, Executive Director, Toshvin Analytical, Yoshiyuki Fujino, MD, Shimadzu Analytical India and Takaaki Hiraoka, Product Manager, Shimadzu Japan were present to grace the event.

Gas chromatographs are used for R&D and quality control in a wide range of fields, such as petrochemicals, fine chemicals, environmental testing, pharmaceuticals, food products, electronics/ semiconductors, and flavourings. With the growing concern about safety and to minimise any impact on both humans and the environment, there is increasing demand for analysing trace impurities in raw materials and analysing the gases emitted from products.

The Nexis GC-2030 has been designed based on the concept of superior usability and expandability for accommodating a wide variety of applications. The new user interface features a full-colour LCD touch panel that provides intuitive and easy-to-understand operability. The included software allows access of laboratory instruments from a smartphone or tablet computer, which enables remote instrument monitoring regardless of the operating environment. In addition, the maintenance required for Nexis GC is significantly reduced through the unique ‘ClickTek’ technology where no tools are required to open and close the sample injection port, attach and detach columns, or exchange split lines.

To accommodate a wide variety of analytical applications, the Nexis GC-2030 can be equipped with any of a family of high-sensitivity detectors, such as the barrier discharge ionisation detector (BID) or a flame ionisation detector (FID) that offers the world’s highest sensitivity. In addition to the high reproducibility achieved by the new flow controller, it provides automatic gas leak check and self-diagnostic functions that ensure high reliability. Further, Nexis GC 2030 has Improved compatibility with specialised analysers (System GCs) tailored to user needs which help reduce costs and space requirements, and increase analysis productivity.

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