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Seidenader DS12+ thickness sorting machine redesigned


20151130ep31Seidenader’s automatic DS12+ thickness sorting machine has been re-designed for more user-friendly handling and lower maintenance. Additional practical design details and a touchscreen (HMI) have optimised operating comfort and make for easy maintenance in the automatic sorting of tablets.

At the heart of the re-engineered DS12+ are the inclined sorting channels, each with two counter-rotating, high-precision and robust rollers which reliably guide tablets or comparable products successively through the channel for sorting. Moving and adjustable rows of flaps above the sorting channel prevent the products from overflowing and separate any tablets which may be lying on top of one another. The precisely adjustable gap between the rollers increases along their length: in the upper section it is narrower than in the lower section. Depending on thickness, the tablets automatically drop into three different discharge channels: ‘too thin’ at the top, ‘good’ in the center and ‘too thick’ at the bottom end. Optionally, smaller fragments can be screened out through a perforated plate prior to the actual sorting process.

New technical details make the machine even easier to operate and contribute to reduced maintenance. It features a user-friendly control panel (HMI) with touchscreen. In the event of a product change the formulae for the product-specific machine settings can be retrieved from the HMI. Menu-guided, the dimensions for the new tablets format are set manually and reproducibly, and confirmed in the HMI.

A convenient new feature is sensor-protected setting of the gap between the rollers of the sorting channels. Adjustment wheels in the upper and lower section of the cylinders simultaneously regulate the clearance in all sorting channels. A sensor in each setting range checks the roller spacing, which is displayed in the HMI with hundredth millimeter precision.

The overall design has likewise been optimised. The machine has become more compact and lower, making it easier to load. The hopper for the feeding-in of the tablets can also be tipped backwards, facilitating cleaning and maintenance. All parts of the machine are easily accessible. If necessary, individual rollers can be quickly and cost-efficiently replaced. All components which come into contact with the product are made of FDA-compliant materials.

The DS12+ offers a high sorting capacity of up to 1,000 kg/h, depending on the size and type of product. The sorting accuracy is continuously adjustable up to ± 0.05 mm. A format change requires only the replacement of a single format part. The machine can be integrated into the production line at various different points: installing the DS12+ upstream of a blister machine prevents interruptions to the packaging process caused by products that are under- or oversized. When installed prior to the coating of tablets, the DS12+ ensures that only products of the correct size and shape are coated. Following coating, tablets that are stuck together or whose coating is too thick or irregular can be ejected. The machine can also be used for separating off foreign material that can be detected on the basis of size. Seidenader will showcase its products at DS12+ in Mumbai during P-MEC 2015.

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Markt Schwaben/Germany
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