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Schreiner Group starts celebrating anniversary year


The anniversary year will see the launch of a new communication format called ‘lunch roulette’

Schreiner Group is celebrating its 65th anniversary with a variety of internal and external activities. Established on October 1, 1951, the former specialised printing shop has since evolved into an international high-tech company for innovative functional labels.

On the occasion, President and CEO Roland Schreiner thanked all employees for their contribution to the company’s successful development. On February 17 and 18, 2017, Schreiner Group will host an ‘Open House,’ opening its doors to customers, employees and their families, media and anyone interested in getting to know the company.

At the internal event that kicked off the company’s anniversary year in Oberschleissheim, Roland Schreiner, the third-generation managing shareholder cut a cake that was shared with every employee on site. Expressing his appreciation for the outstanding work of the company’s nearly 1,100 people, Schreiner said, “Every one of you, with your commitment, your ideas and your work day in day out, contributes to advancing the company bit by bit. Together, we have already achieved a lot and are looking forward to the future with confidence and a zest for action. Thank you to each and every one of you!”

Schreiner Group offers a wide range of training and advanced educational opportunities. The anniversary year will see the launch of a new communication format called ‘lunch roulette’ aimed at
promoting cross-functional exchange of experience. For this purpose, table-mates will be mixed at random for lunch at the cafeteria, so that employees whose paths tend to rarely cross on the job can engage in exchanges in a relaxed atmosphere. Getting to know each other and networking is intended to strengthen cohesion and stimulate creativity, as in addition to the corporate values of quality, performance and enthusiasm, innovation is the one that, above all, makes up the DNA of Schreiner Group.

Schreiner Group–Past and Present: An in-house anniversary exhibition was recently opened. which shows milestones from the company’s 65-year history, featuring the seal stamps with which everything began, as well as functional labels and selected product highlights from its three business units. The exhibition is part of a show room to be opened at the ‘Open House’ on February 17 and 18.

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