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Sandilyam introduces Axicon 12700 2D/Linear Barcode Verifier

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Sandilyam has launched the latest Axicon 12700 2D/ Linear Barcode Verifier. An ideal solution for verifying popular 2D, as well as Linear Barcodes including the Datamatrix ECC 200.

The system is perfectly designed to meet the requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturers, packaging companies, and label printers. The verifier is simple to use and yet comprehensive. Once interfaced to a PC via the USB2 and the software installed, the verifier presents a comprehensive range of facilities to meet user needs.


  • ISO / ANSI / GS1 veri?cation standards
  • Variable automatic aperture setting, with manual over-ride option
  • Wide range of print and reporting options
  • Meets ISO 15415, and ISO 15426-2 and a range of other standards
  • Suitable for a range of retail level LINEAR as well as 2D barcode symbologies
  • Provided with WINDOWS based PC-side software with upgrade facility
  • Ease in operation and intuitive navigation and display of analysis

The verifier uses its high resolution camera-based optics to capture the information contained in the grid of the ECC 200 Datamatrix code. The verifier software provides to the user also a camera image of the barcode during verification and measures a whole host of parameters optically for accurate and details analysis.

The Axicon 12700 2D/Linear verifier meets standards of ISO/IEC 15415 and ISO/IEC 16022. It is itself in full compliance to ISO 15426-2 verifier conformance standards. Precision engineered for complete repeatability, rugged housing and camera-optic provide the ideal and prescribed conditions for verification. Using the fixed imaging unit needs no focus or alignment, and the verification process very simple. Every 12700 verifier is factory calibrated and traceable to NIST standards.

The Axicon 12700 verifier can be supplied with accessories including:

  • PQ: An integral part of many ISO 9000 systems, Performance Qualification is a process of establishing evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that your QA system accomplishes its intended requirements.
  • Our solution provides technical guidance and instruction on calibration, checking for industry standards, standards training, tips to ensure traceability of your verification activity. The PQ documentation can be purchased separately along with the test kit. All Axicon Performance Cards are traceable to international standards.

Contact Details:
Sandilyam Automation Systems
# 203, Money Chambers
6 KH Road, Bangalore – 560 027
Tel: +91 80 6598 8333, 2211 0520
Telefax: +91 80 4153 1655
Email: [email protected]

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