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Phenomenex launches Yarra 1.8µm

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Phenomenex, a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, has launched Yarra 1.8µm SEC-X300 – a high-resolution gel filtration (GFC)/ aqueous size-exclusion (SEC) column for the separation of high molecular weight (HMW) biomolecules on HPLC and UHPLC systems. With a wide separation range of 10K to 700KDa and high efficiency, SEC-X300 is ideal for separating and characterising monoclonal antibody (mAb) aggregates, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and biosimilars in drug discovery and development research. The HMW focus of the SEC-X300 complements the low molecular weight range (1K-450KDa) of the existing Yarra 1.8µm SEC-X150 column, providing two versatile separation tools for biopharmaceutical research. The proprietary Yarra surface chemistry, combined with bio-inert column hardware, reduces sample adsorption compared to other GFC/SEC columns currently on the market, providing improved recovery and more accurate quantitation of biomolecules at a lower price point. The SEC-X150 and -X300 media are both now available in 150 and 300 mm column lengths, for analytical flexibility to increase speed or further increase resolution.

Because Yarra SEC-X150 and -X300 columns typically operate at backpressures below 3,500 psi on traditional HPLC and UHPLC systems, they can deliver improved performance (greater resolution, better peak shape and faster analysis time) compared to existing 3µm and 5µm GFC/ SEC column methods. Designed and manufactured for stability, reproducibility and long product life, all Yarra phases are supported by a superior product quality and performance guarantee.

Contact Details:
Jennifer Dahlgren,
Dahlgren Communications
Tel: (530) 263-6817
Email: [email protected]

Simon Lomas,
Phenomenex, Inc.
Phone: (310) 212-0555 (Extn. 2267)
Email: [email protected]

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