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Phenomenex India to celebrate its fifth anniversary



Phenomenex India, located in Hyderabad, is proud to have been delighting customers in the local scientific community since 2011

Phenomenex India will mark the fifth year anniversary on April 26, 2016, an exciting milestone for the company, its employees, and customers worldwide. Phenomenex, founded in 1982 and headquartered in the US, is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in pharmaceutical, industrial, clinical research, government and academic labs. With 850 employees in 16 companies around the world, three manufacturing sites located in the US, and a network of 60 distributors, the company is able to serve tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries each year.

Phenomenex India, located in Hyderabad, is proud to have been delighting customers in the local scientific community since 2011. The office houses a specially trained team of technical specialists, operations and marketing support, and a warehouse that maintains high stock levels of thousands of products to allow for faster deliveries throughout India. In addition to a collection of award-winning products and technologies, 24/7 live assistance, hands-on training seminars, and a helpful technical support-based website, the team offers a refreshing and personalised customer experience unique to the industry. The office has achieved a 98 per cent customer satisfaction rate and shown record-breaking growth over the last five years, including a 14 per cent growth in 2015, doubling the industry average of 7.5 per cent.

“I am so proud of our team and all of the incredible successes they have earned through hard work and perseverance,” Fasha Mahjoor, President and CEO, Phenomenex remarks. “I am not surprised in the slightest, as the people who have been an integral part of the company since its beginning are outstanding leaders, team players, and the camaraderie in the office is palpable. This team has truly shown our customers what excellent technology, superior products and unparalleled service and support can be with fanatical attention to detail and a personalised approach to each customer need. The future of Phenomenex India is nothing short of brilliant.”

Having been there since the beginning, Kris Chu, Global Marketing Manager, Phenomenex remembers that when the office opened in 2011, “Our first priority was to provide our customers with world class technical support and excellent customer service.”

“With our team of highly educated chemists, biochemists and life scientists with advanced degrees (M.S. and Ph.D.), we were—and are—able to provide our customers with immediate onsite technical support and hands-on method development services for their most challenging applications,” she continued. “With such positive feedback on the introduction of our training seminars and onsite demonstration seminars, Phenomenex has taken a step further by incorporating technology to deliver live and on-demand webinars for customers to learn more about HPLC/ UHPLC, GC, and Sample Preparation method development and troubleshooting techniques.

“Being the industry leader in chromatography, we want to continuously create resources for our customers so that we can help with their changing chromatography challenges.”

In addition to serving researchers with unlimited technical resources and support, Phenomenex India has been an industry game changer by introducing many new and innovative products to the market place since 2011. From their award winning patented Kinetex Core-Shell HPLC/ UHPLC columns for higher efficiency, improved resolution, and the ability to develop and transfer methods effortless between systems to a clever sample preparation product, Novum Simplified Liquid Extraction (SLE), a novel, patent pending synthetic alternative to traditional diatomaceous earth SLE (also known as supported liquid extraction) products that give customers a simplified approach to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE). Additional technologies include Aeris Core-Shell HPLC/ UHPLC columns for bioseparations, SecurityGuard ULTRA to protect and extend UHPLC column lifetime, roQ QuEChERS Kits, Yarra Ultra-High Performance Size Exclusion columns, Zebron Semi-Volatile and 5msPLUS GC columns, and Lux Amylose-1 chiral columns.

Not only has Phenomenex’s product line expanded; the India team has grown in leaps and bounds itself since 2011. Due to the vibrant culture, inspiring working environment, and strong commitment to a corporate mission “to promote the well-being of those we serve – our customers, our employees, and humanity,” the office continues to have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry. The majority of the original team members still remain passionate and energetic team members, infusing the same zeal and dedication they had five years ago into their work to this day.

“It has been an amazing experience to be part of this dynamic team within Phenomenex India,” says Brad Turek, Director of Sales and Marketing, Phenomenex. “The expectations for this office have always been extremely high, but the energy, determination, and ultimately success with which each and every individual exhibits has been inspiring. The transformation of our team into leaders of tomorrow is so motivating! The future for this office tomorrow and the next several years beyond is very bright to say the least. Thanks to everyone that supports us, each and every day—our customers, our support from headquarters, and beyond. We couldn’t do it without you, and we are extremely grateful.”

Perhaps one of the most intensely passionate endeavours of the Phenomenex India office over the past five years is their devotion to humanitarian causes. One such engagement is a commitment to the children at the Cheers Foundation, an orphanage in Hyderabad India. The team serves the children with hands-on, financial, and educational as well as emotional support—mentoring, teaching, and spending holidays celebrating with the children. Phenomenex also pays the tuition for each of the children to attend an excellent local private school and the children are all thriving. Every team member is given paid time off each year for their own humanitarian projects, and encouraged to participate in company-sponsored events during the working days. One team member put it eloquently, “It is in the hearts of our employees here, but knowing that Phenomenex is supportive of this, and that we can use leave to do even more is really exciting,” From the individuals in the office who volunteer their time to hand out blankets and food to the entire office who gathers together to make the biggest impact possible with orphans, the environment, and other such passionate causes, everyone continues to work towards a better future for all.

As for the future Nick Mitchell, Managing Director, Phenomenex says, “It is really exciting to feel a new energy in India in 2016. With all this positive energy, we’d just like to say ‘thank you’ to all of our customers that support our company and our objectives. When we came to India in 2011, our goals were twofold; to increase our level of customer service and technical support, as well as to improve our product availability and reduce the lead time from our warehouse to our customer laboratories. I am pleased to have met so many customers over the past year that have echoed their appreciation of these accomplishments. You can rest assure, that with our culture of continuous improvement, we will not rest on our laurels, but look forward to even bigger and better improvements over the next five years. See you in 2020!”

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