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PCI Analytics launches ultrapure laboratory gas generators

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PCI Ultrapure Digital Display Gas Generators manufactured using modern PSA technology, CE marked, eliminates the downtime, constant monitoring, and routine maintenance, availability and logistical issues associated with using cylinders. PCI Analytics Ultrapure Gas Generators produce gas continuously and reliably, without interruptions that can be experienced during cylinder changes or delays in delivery when using gas cylinders. An ultrapure and consistent gas supply is needed for reproducible analytical results, but gas purity can vary from cylinder to cylinder in a way that is difficult to control. Dirty or rusted cylinders can also introduce contaminants and particulates into your gas stream. PCI Analytics Ultrapure Gas Generators eliminate these problems by continuously generating clean and pure gas.

PCI Gas Generators are a safe, compact, and minimal maintenance source of high-purity gas. Routine maintenance is minimal and since generators don’t store gas at high pressures, they are not as hazardous as high pressure gas cylinders specially for gases like Hydrogen. PCI Gas Generators are so compact and aesthetic that these can be placed in the lab in close proximity to your instruments, eliminating the need for a remote, isolated storage area. PCI Gas Generators are less expensive than gas cylinders in the long term. PCI Gas generators offer an unlimited and uninterrupted source of high purity gas which is available on demand.

Nitrogen Gas Generators (NG): Nitrogen Gas generators produce ultrapure Nitrogen from compressed air using PSA technology. PCI Nitrogen Gas Generators (NG) produce ultra-pure nitrogen for use as GC carrier gases, makeup gases, and low-flow sample concentrators. Models are available to supply nitrogen at flows from 1 to 4 liters per minute at 5Kg/ Cm2 pressure and for LCMS from 10 LPM to 30LPM at 60-100psig and for Turbo Evaporators from 50 LPM to 700LPM at 600psig pressure.

Zero Air Gas Generators (ZAG): High-purity air is essential as a fuel gas for flame ionization detectors (FID) in order to produce a stable baseline. Zero air gas generators from PCI based on PSA technology can turn in-house compressed air into ultra-pure air with less than 0.1 ppm hydrocarbon (HC) levels. Varying models are available with flow rates from 1,000 mL/ minute up to 4,000 mL/ minute at 5Kg/ Cm2 pressure.

Nitrogen-Air Combination Gas Generators (NAG): NAG is compact 2in1 generator that produces a continuous flow of Nitrogen and Zero Air from 200ml/ m to 4000ml/ min at 5Kg/ Cm2 pressure.

Hydrogen Gas Generators (PGH/ SGH): Hydrogen Gas Generators produce Hydrogen (H2) through the electrolysis of water. For operation, these generators require an electrical outlet and a source of deionised water. PCI offers various models of hydrogen generators that can produce flow rates from 300 mL/ minute up to 2,000 mL/ minute at 0-60 psig pressure.

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