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Parle Elizabeth Tools opens press plant in Sanand, Ahmedabad

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The inauguration function was attended by 40 pharmaceutical companies

Parle Elizabeth Tools,  manufacturer of tablet tooling, tablet compression machines, has opened its new factory in Sanand, Ahmedabad. Rajmal L Mehta, Chairman, Parle Elizabeth Tools, India and Dave Keefer, President, Elizabeth Companies, USA, in the presence of Mahendra Mehta, Chief Executive Officer, Parle Elizabeth and the top management from Parle Global and Parle Elizabeth Tools, inaugurated the new facility.

The new facility, one of Asia’s most innovative and efficient tablet press facility combines for the first time the press manufacturing, with in-house Turret and other press parts manufacturing capability. This sprawling new production unit is spread out in 65,000 sq feet of land which will produce 350 tablet presses in a year.

Mahendra Mehta while welcoming the customers and present dignitaries said, “The press business which began six years ago has grown rapidly. We have more than nine models reaching 29 countries. In the process, we have shifted our factory four times. Either we didn’t plan well or we grew faster than expected. But these were some happy problems to be in and we enjoyed the growth.”

He further said, “I feel confident that with 65 years of Elizabeth and 45 years of PARLE, we have around 110 years of experience to resolve tabletting issues. As the market becomes challenging and new drugs are invented, our challenge just gets bigger. We just hope that we keep up to the expectations of the industry and update ourselves with the latest technology from time to time.”

Rajmal L Mehta, Chairman, Parle Elizabeth Tools said, “Our product speaks for itself, and we believe that good infrastructure is of utmost importance in order to build an even better product. Our investment into good environment and technology is only targeted towards one goal, to provide a product to the industry that meets all global challenges.”

He said, “This JV is now eight years old and is growing stronger every day. With their guidance and help, we have taken our tooling division from domestic leadership to international level in terms of capacity and reach. Our pre and post sales and service team of all our division have proven their excellence time and again.”

Keefer said, “This journey has been an eventful one with various mix experiences and we have seen ourselves growing within Indian and international markets with this great JV between Parle and Elizabeth. The JV with Parle proved not only a correct but great decision which we cherish with every great milestone covered in these eight years.”

V Balaji, Business Head for Tablet Press, Parle Elizabeth Tools India said, “This collaboration helped us make our learning curve steep and deliver new products consistently and in rapid succession. Over this five years, we have grown from a small 10-member team to a 100+ team in the press division with capabilities built in house for design, manufacturing process, electrical panel building complying to stringent safety norms programming and software development. At the last count, we have sold more than 300 machines and reached 29 countries through our export business. Yet, we are happy to share that the domestic pharma industry has been the one which has given all the first opportunity to build our capabilities.”

Balaji said, “Some of the leading companies catering the regulated market are using our EP series AWC machines. The high output Eco Series has carved a market for itself in companies catering to high output demanding domestic and contract manufacturing plants. The backbone has been and will be our service attitude and approach supported by a team of your engineers in various pharma manufacturing hubs. Some of the niche areas catered by us are effervescent tabletting, MUPS, hormone tabletting application, bi layer tabletting with high second layer weights.”

Balaji further added, “The installed capacity of the plant on a single shift basis is 350 machines/ year and we hope to reach that in the next two years. We have been entrusted with the responsibility of building Elizabeth Hata Press from this plant and we expect to launch the same during the forth-coming P-MEC in 2016. We are also in the process of launching a tri- layer press during that time which can produce bi layer and single layer tablet as well.”

The inauguration function was attended by 40 pharma companies and each of them had an opinion of having this state-of-the-art tablet press facility in India and look forward to see the new machines rolling out from this plant.

The Turret and Press part manufacturing equipment are available from best in the world from Japan and the US which makes this plant the most efficient and with all the production capabilities in house with an unmatched quality.

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