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‘Our recent initiative is an effort to provide innovative and cutting-edge technology to our customers’

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ZIM Integrated Shipping is a leading player in the global container shipping industry. Nissim Yochai, VP Global Sales, ZIM Integrated Shipping, in an interaction with Usha Sharma, talks about ZIMonitor technology and it’s contribution to the pharma industry

ZIM Integrated Shipping Services has recently expanded its service to the refrigerated container fleet. What made you venture into this sphere?

Nissim Yochai

ZIM has always carried refrigerated cargo and was a prominent player in reefer cargo in certain trades for many years. Our recent initiative is an effort to provide innovative and cutting-edge technology to our customers through the use of our ZIMonitor technology and services. This new product is exclusive and unique in the market. We are convinced that our distinctive ZIMonitor service will benefit customers and strengthen our position in this market.

Early last year, you have launched ZIMonitor service in India. Tell us more about the product and its services.

ZIMonitor is a comprehensive service package which include technology and professional personnel to provide shippers of valuable and sensitive cargo damage prevention capabilities and reduced risks. It provides ongoing data flow, alerts and automatic reports, along with a 24/7 professional response along the cargo route to prevent damages. The main features:

  • Online alerts to mobile and email, monitoring temperature, humidity, route deviation and unauthorised door opening
  • 24/7 dedicated ZIM response team to prevent damages
  • GDP compliance
  • Predefined reports for logistical and operational analysis
  • Reducing insurance costs

The online monitoring service is also suited for other types of valuable or sensitive cargo such as medical lab equipment; aviation products; perishable foodstuffs; wines and other alcoholic beverages; agriculture (seeds); electronics; art work and antiques; as well as hazardous or IMDG code goods.

How big is the Indian cold chain pharma market? With the help of ZIMonitor service how much market share do you plan to capture and how?

The Indian market is substantial and we believe our unique service will enable us to become a significant player in this highly professional field, however, these are early days and at this stage we will not indicate figures.

What regulatory parameters do ZIMonitor complies to and how do you ensure that the temperature is maintained for pharma products?

ZIMonitor is particularly suited for the pharma industry, designed to comply with Good Distribution Practices (GDP) regulations required by the industry.

As to temperature control, ZIMonitor technology uses sensors monitoring temperature throughout the voyage, both at sea and on land, from the point of origin to final destination. The sensors indicate any change in the required temperature, and send immediate alerts to the shipper and to ZIM’s response team whenever the required temperature is not maintained.

ZIMonitor has many more advantage to customers, for example providing detailed reports in industry-required formats, and additional features suited perfectly to the strict demands of the pharma cold-supply chain, such as potential insurance benefits and more.

Tell us about the USP of the ZIMonitor service and is it cost effective?

Our USP is to prevent damage of valuable cargo following an alert. Unlike other products in the market, the alert is just the first stage, launching an immediate response of professional staff that remedy the situation and prevent any damage to the cargo. Our ability to respond and provide a solution to any problem that might occur during the voyage, providing our customers with peace of mind at all time is our main USP.

Whom do you consider as your competitor and why?

There are several competing products in the market, however, none of them provides, to our knowledge, a full comprehensive solution catering to customers’ needs.

ZIM has also partnered with TEVA Pharmaceutical. Can you throw some light on the partnership?

TEVA is a leading global player in the pharma industry, shipping pharma products to many destinations worldwide. ZIM has been providing shipping services to TEVA. Indeed, we partnered and followed several successful pilot shipments, conducted in close cooperation with TEVA. We launched the service and continued our cooperation to benefit both the parties.

How many domestic as well as multinational pharma companies are willing to partner with you? How soon it is likely to happen?

This is naturally a long-term process, however, we receive a lot of interest from the industry, and we make a point of presenting ZIMonitor in trade fairs and exhibitions of the industry in order to inform the industry and introduce the benefits of ZIMonitor. The reactions we receive are extremely positive and believe the ZIMonitor service will continue to grow and develop.

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