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Our aim is to scout and spot untapped rural students potentials

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Pulsus currently focusses towards expanding healthcare informatics and pharmacovigilance market studies of the current and future prospects of the global healthcare market. Dr Srinubabu, CEO, Pulsus HealthTech, reveals more in an interaction with Express Pharma

Can you explain the idea behind Pulsus HealthTech?

Pulsus Group is a health informatics and healthcare services company and publisher of scientific, technical, and medical literatures. It was established in 1984 primarily to publish peer-reviewed medical journals. Pulsus Group conducts conferences in association with scientific societies.

Pulsus Group is a medical and healthcare publisher since three decades and received accolades from the contributors and the readers. At present, Pulsus Group is diversifying its publishing portfolio to other realms by incorporating all major science, technology, medical journals as an ardent scientific publisher of open access and hybrid access peer reviewed journals. With a view to preserve, pursue, share and distribute scientific discoveries and knowledge, Pulsus currently focusses towards expanding healthcare informatics and pharmacovigilance market studies of the current and future prospects of the global healthcare market.

Pulsus was focussing on American region and presently expanding to healthcare informatics platform to the medical and pharma professionals throughout Europe, America, Asia, Australia and all other continents. Since its inception, Pulsus received endorsements of medical associations and industries of international repute. This support allowed Pulsus Group to gain excellent reputation from the scientific and industrial community and able to bridge relations between industries and practicing physicians.

Pulsus Pharmacovigilance works including collection, archival and monitoring of individual case study reports, studies with reference to four phases of clinical research and development of existing and emerging molecules, adverse drug reaction reports, effectiveness and risk factors assessment.

Pulsus healthcare informatics and pharmacovigilance enables medical and pharma companies must conduct a comprehensive drug safety and patient monitoring audit to assess their compliance with global laws, regulations, and guidance ultimately works towards personalised medicine.

Pulsus conducts 500+ global meetings per year across the world. These meetings enable physicians and industry professionals come together and make conclusive steps towards advanced therapeutics and treatment aspects.

Headquartered at Singapore, PULSUS group has its offices in London (UK), Ontario, (Canada) and in India Pulsus is operating from Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi. Endorsed by the medical associations and scientific societies, PULSUS is an ardent international medical research publisher and science event organiser that promotes peer reviewed medical journals in association with international medical associations and scientific societies.

Annually you conduct more than 5000 conferences across the globe. It’s a huge task, how do you manage this?

Organising 5000 conferences in more than 20 countries throws huge challenges in terms of breaking the cross cultural barriers, logistics and putting the right people on board every time. We need to get our feet and get the foothold as every event is like aligning head and eye.

Hosting successful events every time needs right planning, time, effort and good project management skills. We manage to execute this in perfection through our detailed plan of action and committed workforce.

In a country like India, a significant percentage of brilliant researchers/ students belong to rural India. How do you recognise them and make them aware of your journals/ conferences/ opportunities offered by you?

India currently has about 120,000 scientists, just about a tenth of the number in the US. Hailing from a rural backdrop, I personally believe creativity and talent are evenly distributed among the population irrespective of caste, creed, religion, socio-economic status or geographical location. They only lag compared to the urban students is well-versed English and finding right resources.

Pulsus through its corporate social responsibility (CSR) tries to identify the ‘creative pool’ through our Young Researchers Forum (YRF) where we organise free seminars, symposiums and workshops in many universities and rural colleges to nurture scientific rigour and join the scientific workforce. We are also awarding $1000 for the colleges or faculties in meeting the student’s conveniences.

We also offer special privileges for these young researchers to publish their research work at our international journals and attend our conferences at discounted prices. Our aim is to scout and spot untapped rural students potentials by providing a global platform to showcase their research and explore opportunities.

What is the total number of research papers that you get from India annually?

On an average, we receive 5000 papers annually from India, which occupies 7 per cent of our total papers that we receive across globally.

Indian pharma industry is generally not considered as research friendly. What is your observation?

On certain aspects, the comment holds true as Indian pharma is still blowing its trumpet in terms of only high volume generic products and lacking serious research and innovations. Probably the economics like high R&D cost, affordability, market scope, ROI along with low patent regimes are pulling back the giant pharma to concentrate more onto the low hanging fruit of generics. As compliance and regulations are becoming more stringent these days, our pharma is also transforming into end-to-end research and development, which seems optimistic.

India has very good scientific pool in terms of human resources. Lack of opportunities transform our scientific pool towards foreign countries.

Big pharma companies to even small start-up’s are keen in attending our pharma conferences, workshops, symposiums and are willing to make partnerships with researchers and academicians to scale up their research outcomes into lifesaving products.

Give details about awards/ recognition received by Pulsus Healthtech.

Pulsus HealthTech is proud of the work we put forth each day to meet and exceed our academicians, researchers and sponsor’s requirements. We have made significant progress in the areas of our open access publications, e-books, and international conferences. Awards and recognition demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

In recent times, we have received the following accolades. Our subsidiaries ImedPub- and Conference Series bagged Healthcare Excellence Awards as Best Medical Journals Company and Best Medical Events Company for the year 2015 honoured by Indus Organisation from ESL Narasimhan- Hon Governor of Telangana and  Andhra Pradesh. Our international events are recognised and appreciated by eminent personalities like:

  • Pat Quinn, Mayor of State of Illinois, USA for Women’s Health, Gynecology, & Obstetrics 2015
  • Brian Sandoval, Mayor of Nevada, USA for Food Technology 2015
  • Boris Johnson, Mayor of London for Neurology 2016
  • Kasim Reed, Mayor of Atlanta, USA for Virology 2015
  • Greg Stanton, Mayor of Phoenix for Parkinson’s 2016

Will you be increasing the number of conferences in the coming years?

Since from the time our inception we have transformed to one hundred fold. We started with two conferences in 2001 and reached to 500 in 2017. With the existing infrastructure and employee size, we are planning to organise 1000 conferences in 50 countries by the end of 2020.

Globally, you are one of the most respected publishing hubs. You are well-known for conferences that you organise in different parts of the world as well. What is going to be your next initiative?

We will continue to set our bar higher and make further progress to organise 1000 conferences in 50 countries across all continents by 2020. We have recently launched online digital video library where all our conference proceedings would be shared and be accessed by the online communities freely. We are also building up global databases of 3000000 eminent researchers profiles, abstracts, articles and powerpoint presentations from medical, pharma, engineering, science, technology and business communities which would bring greater visibility to their profiles and research globally.

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