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Newtronics launches incubators passive cooling box with temperature indication


20170815ep33Newtronic’s Passive boxes for cold chain management are used for transportation and logistics of any temperature sensitive products such as medicine, vaccines, blood, tissues, samples, passive-qualified cooling-ice-box biotech payload etc.

Features and functions:

  • Cool boxes with temperature indicator carriers require conditioned icepacks to keep samples cool.
  • Ice packs contain a PCM liquid prior to being loaded, they to be freeze indeep freezer or freezer of refrigerator.
  • Different ice packs to be used for different temperatures
  • Maintain the temperature 2oC to 8oC for 24 hours with the frozen ice packs
  • Cool boxes are with LCD display temperature indicator in degreeoC
  • Ice packs to be replaced in case temp beyond desired level.
  • Continuously monitors sample by optional data logger.
  • Lightweight, Convenient: carrier can pick up and deliver
  • Tough plastic exterior


50 litres deep freezers -20°C can be supplied for freezing ice packs


20170815ep34The Newtronic protable smart incubator is a simple and versatile the digital portable laboratory and medical transporter can both cool or heat and is designed for the transporting of samples, vaccines, pharmaceuticals or indeed anything that needs to be moved under temperature controlled conditions. Complete with an easy to read digital controller, this carrier uses mains or vehicle power via a 12v socket to cool or heat by way of an environmentally friendly peltier system. This makes it ideal for transporting vaccines by road and collecting samples in the field.



  • Temp range: 0ºC to +50ºC
  • Supplied with mains and in car power cables
  • Safe gas free peltier refrigeration
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • Digital set point display
  • Easy digital temperature adjustment
  • Tough plastic exterior


  • Active precision heating and cooling
  • Temperature LCD display.
  • Temperature control range  0° C to 50° C
  • Ambient Temperature range  30° C T0 35° C
  • Precise temperature control keeps samples in near-perfect conditions
  • Continuously monitors sample by optional data logger.
  • Lightweight, convenient: carrier can pick up and deliver
  • 12V DC power of a vehicle or on AC mains when power is available. In addition, if there is no access to power, a portable battery back-up can also be attached to keep the unit running max for three hours.

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