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Newtronic Lifecare Equipment introduces CO2 incubators


20170215ep19Newtronic Lifecare Equipment, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company has launched CO2 incubators.

Standard equipment

  • Auto-sterilisation with hot air at 1800 C
  • Humidification system with condensation protection
  • CO2 gas-mixing with air circulation in chamber
  • CO2 sensor with infrared technology
  • Tightly sealed inner door made of tempered safety glass
  • Inner and outer chamber is constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • Perforated shelves, stainless steel
  • Units are stackable
  • Troubleshooting system with visual and acoustic alarms.

Accurate control

  • PLC-based touch screen display controller, infrared (IR) sensor control CO2 levels within the chamber.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors give accurate measurements of conditions in the chamber.
  • Advanced design provides very stable controls.


  • A table top design (100 litres) has more useable space with a small foot print.
  • Chamber is directly heated with heater in duct with circulating fan providing a superior uniformity.
  • Fan-assisted air circulation for rapid recovery airflow patterns are specifically designed for superior distribution of critical environmental conditions (temperature, gas exchange and humidity).
  • Efficient circulation minimises variation between cultures, while preventing desiccation – no matter where your cultures are located in the incubator.

High temperature decontamination (1800 C)

  • Incubatorcan be conveniently cleaned using high temperatures and eliminate the need for separate autoclaving and re-assembly of components.
  • Automatically radiates heat uniformly to all interior surfaces, requiring no post-cycle cleanup, and returns quickly to your selected operating conditions.
  • Proven technique to eradicate biological contaminants with certainty
  • Avoids physical constraints and variation of ultraviolet germicidal lamps
  • No sensors (CO2, temp., humidity) to remove during decontamination cycle makes all sensor sterilisation
  • Eliminates the need for storage, handling and disposal of potentially toxic gemicidal chemical agents.

Key features

  • PLC-based control system
  • Touch screen display
  • Password protected sterilisation
  • Sterilsation cycle over in 7.5 hours.
  • No sensor to remove during the decontamination cycle
  • Easy to clean
  • User-friendly operating
  • Uniform growth conditions
  • Absolute sterility of inner chamber.

Contact Details:
108-ABCD, Kandivli Co-op Ind Estate,
Charkop, Kandivali (West),
Mumbai – 400 067.

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