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New PEGylation reagents available from Gelest


Gelest has introduced a unique range of dual-function poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) reagents that enable new approaches to PEGylation for bioconjugates, reduction of surface biofouling and formation of polymeriseable vesicles for drug transport. These ‘first of a kind’ materials are heterobifunctional materials with an amine at one terminus and a choice of two different species at the other. One species can undergo radical reactions and the second can undergo hydrolytic condensation. In addition to reacting directly with appropriate functionality of drug or protein substrates, these materials have the potential to undergo polymerisation.

PEGylation, the formation of a conjugate of a protein, peptide, drug or other bioactive material by linking it with one or more PEG chains, in many instances imparts desirable properties to a biomolecule: increased solubility, resistance to metabolic degradation and reduced immunogenicity.

The new polymeriseable PEG materials have the potential to form polymeriseable vesicles, stabilising PEGylated drugs or acting as comonomers for microencapsulated drug delivery. The polymerisation can proceed by either free radical organic polymerization or hydrolysis-condensation siloxane polymerisation.

The motif below depicts PEGylation of a bioactive substance and the benefits of the PEGylation with a PEG terminated by styryl and amine functionality. It also shows potential pathways for both stabilised vesicle formation by polymerisation and pH-responsive release of the bioactive.

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