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Multisorb to showcase optimal sorbent technology at Pharmapack Europe 2016


To help pharma and healthcare companies drive their success and quality

Multisorb Technologies will highlight its ability to help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies drive their success and quality through the optimal use of sorbent technology at Pharmapack Europe in Paris from February 10-11, 2016.

“With the high cost of pharma product development, companies need to consider how to best protect and maximise their investment,” said Adrian Possumato, Vice President, Healthcare Packaging Group, Multisorb Technologies. “Optimising the use of sorbent technology with our success through efficiency programme can help companies assure drug stability while increasing operational efficiencies to reduce costs.”

Multisorb’s success through efficiency programme offers a comprehensive approach to help companies quickly identify, select and dispense the optimal sorbent solution for market success:

  • Simulations for product stability and faster market access: The SimulSorb and SimulOx simulations use QbD-based modelling to quickly identify the optimal sorbent for desired shelf life. By eliminating costly sorbent ranging studies, the simulations can help get the product to market six to12 months faster.
  • Sorbent platforms for all requirements and complex issues: The technical team can help select the best platform for packaging presentation to deliver the lowest possible net packaging cost. Multisorb’s IntelliSorb moisture regulating packets, canisters, and compressed sorbents provide solutions for complex moisture management issues in pharmaceuticals, gel capsules, and respiratory drug delivery products.
  • Dispensing systems for cost effective and turnkey operations: By engineering sorbent platforms with their respective dispensers, the MultiPacket and MultiCanister systems deliver maximum efficiency. The result is an industry leading dispenser output efficiency of >99.997 per cent and the lowest total cost of ownership.

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