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Mettler Toledo opens Dubai free zone competence centre


The centre will help Middle – East labs and manufacturers enhance their processes and profitability

Mettler Toledo has recently launched its new Dubai free zone competence centre. The new facility will offer advanced analytical support for all industries operating in the Middle East and North Africa. It will also provide hands-on equipment training for Mettler Toledo’s range of products, which are designed to provide unparalleled accuracy while also saving time in busy labs and production environments.

The advanced support facility will result in process improvements that can enhance throughput and protect profits, said Jean-Claude Alder, GM, Mettler Toledo Sales International. “For example, by improving analytical method parameters or advising clients to adjust their procedure, we can help ensure they’re meeting productivity, quality and regulatory goals in the most cost-effective way,” he advised.

Centre experts will cover all Mettler Toledo lab products – from its precision balances to its titrators and meters. Products specifically designed for samples characterisation, such as Mettler Toledo’s moisture analysers, UV/VIS Spectrophotometer and thermal analyser, will also be available for demonstration and use.

“Analytical products such as these find application across many industries, including petrochemicals,” Alder noted. “Additionally, certain Mettler Toledo technologies may be of particular importance to food and pharmaceutical producers at this time, as both industries are facing increasingly stringent regulatory climates,” he added.

Across all industries, centre experts will help determine if equipment being considered is right for a lab’s intended purpose. This hands-on environment will also help train operators so they can get started with newly-purchased equipment right away as an alternative to company-based site training.

In addition to direct technical assistance, the centre will also make it easier for Mettler Toledo to support the region’s developing industries through trade show participation. “We expect to make significant contributions to the petrochemical, food and pharma industries from this regional anchor point,” Alder said.

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