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MeasureTest Instruments launches Lighthouse USA Model 3350

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20151215ep79Lighthouse USA Model 3350 is the only particle counter in the world that measures down to 0.3 Micron @ 100 Lpm Flow Rate. If one studies the specifications of most particle counters with 100 lpm flow rate, one fact clearly stands out. The smallest particle size they can measure is only 0.5 microns, not 0.3 microns. Their counting efficiency for their most sensitive threshold of 0.5 microns is 50 per cent. In other words, compared to a theoretically perfect counter, they are only counting half the particles of 0.5 micron size.

Counting efficiency is an expression of the probability that a particle counter will sense and count a particle passing through its sample volume. This probability is a function of size up to a certain critical size above which all particles are normally sensed and counted. Unlike others, Lighthouse model 3350’s most sensitive threshold for 100 lpm flow rate is 0.3 microns. Lighthouse counting efficiency for 0.3 microns is 50 per cent and for 0.5 microns it is 100 per cent. Because other manufacturers cannot achieve this sensitivity, they have to offer 75 lpm counters instead of 100 lpm flow rate.

Coming to laser life, Lighthouse sensors have the industry’s longest laser diode life of 20+ years MTTF-based on continuous 24/7 operation. So maintenance costs will be very low. An attractive feature of the Lighthouse portable counters is selective printing – one can print just two channels say 0.5 and 5 microns out of the six channels if desired. Sampling can be done in terms of time or volume.

Contact Details:
Jyoti Gangwani
MeasureTest Instruments
94, Atlanta
Nariman Point
Mumbai – 400 021
Tel: 022 – 2202 7982
Email: [email protected]

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