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‘’Massive growth of pharma machinery and packaging industry is expected’’

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What will be the key features of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014?

Rajesh Shah

The second edition of Indian Pharma Machinery Manufacturers Association’s (IPMMA) initiative, Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014, is all set to go and it is going to be a milestone event. It is being supported by more than 14 national and international associations. Since the first edition of Pharma Pro & Pack expo 2013 received an outstanding response, expectations of the whole pharma industry is very high in the second edition and it is being highly awaited and most promising pharma manufacturing exhibition.

More than 480 pharma manufacturing companies from 18 countries will participate in Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 and IPHEX 2014. One of the most fascinating features of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 is that there are more than 20,000 potential buyers including more than 1400 buyers from 140 countries who will mark their presence in both the twin exhibitions, which is truly outstanding.

How will the Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 be different from the other events?

It is the only exhibition where even the smallest entrepreneurs of pharma and packaging machinery can participate along with the other industry giants. A unique business platform opens the door of opportunities to do business across the globe for all the exhibiting companies, regardless of their scale. Without Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014, they would not dream to explore business across the geographical boundaries.

Moreover, some key decision makers of the pharma industry have joined the exhibition advisory board of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014, Mumbai Exhibition, to provide valuable guidelines and make the visit more meaningful to every single visitor attending the exhibition.

Have you made any special arrangements/provisions for the Indian exhibitors?

Indian exhibitors are going to be benefited to a large extent from this exhibition. The exhibition will provide equal opportunities to the smallest technocrat and big pharma companies who will participate to gain maximum benefit through business networking. The activities undertaken to promote the exhibition will directly benefit the exhibiting companies as they will see a large pool of potential clients coming to them. A special exhibitor module has been prepared to facilitate their clients. With the help of the module, exhibitors can register their potential clients by themselves and automated e-badges as well as an SMS alert goes to the registered clients. Visitors can get the printouts of e-badges while visiting the exhibition.

What is the total number of confirmed participants? What is the percentage of foreign exhibitors?

More than 200 exhibiting companies are participating in Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 and out of the total exhibitors around 10 per cent of international companies will take part in the event. Currently the majority of exhibitors are from India. However, representatives from their principal companies across the world are likely to be present at Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014. We are sure that the next edition of Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2015 will have more number of international participants as this exhibition is getting strong roots in all parts of the world.

What efforts have been taken to provide the foreign exhibitors with an international experience at the venue?

It is an international exhibition on total pharma manufacturing technologies. Emphasis is always given to make the exhibition a truly international one. There are more than 20,000 buyers out of which 1400 buyers are from 140 countries which shows that the international exhibitors who participate in Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 are provided with an international environment where they can expect their prospective clients from different regions of the world like Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe etc. International standard facilities and services are provided at Pharma Pro & Pack Expo 2014 and IPHEX 2014 which makes international exhibitors feel very comfortable during the entire exhibition.

With a few exceptions, Indian companies have mainly remained followers of technologies developed by overseas companies. What needs to be done to make Indian companies self reliant in terms of technology?

It’s no exaggeration to say that the Indian pharma machinery manufacturers used to depend upon imported technologies in the early 70s due to lack of funds, initiative and technological advancements. But today, massive future growth of the pharma machinery and packaging industry is expected as the industry is growing at a steady rate of 15-20 per cent. Unlike earlier days, now Indian pharma and machinery manufacturers have been able to take advantage of cutting edge technologies. Due to the enormous growth of the Indian pharma machinery industry, there are more than 700 units today that supply machines to the pharma industry in India and worldwide.

However, to sustain in the competition, more emphasis should be given on research and development. Moreover, to be self reliant, technological development is a must. This can also help offer cost effective solutions to the industry.

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