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Mack Universal’s partner International Washing Technologies launches W200 cGMP Part Washer

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20151215ep80Mack Universal, established by Manoj Chaudhari in 2012, caters to the Indian pharmaceutical industry’s needs and wants by providing them the best the world can offer in the area of pharma and lab equipment. The company has tie-ups in various countries.

International Washing Technologies (IWT), an Italian organisation, and specialist in washing, cleaning, drying (both COP & CIP) and decontamination, is one of Mack Universal’s esteemed partners.

IWT has recently launched their state-of-the-art ‘W200 cGMP Part Washer’ a pharmaceutical grade washer especially for the pharma companies which are looking for ‘smaller’ COP low pressure washers/machines due to lack of space. It will address footprint constraints and reduce the running and maintenance costs.

Design key points of W200

  • Compact and modular design: Limited space required in highly costly areas. Fits easily into existing or new washing area
  • Two chamber sizes different solutions according to the space and parts to process. The most suitable washing chamber size according to the needs.
    W200 is fully compliant with cGMP, ASME-BPE, FDA and GAMP5. It meets the latest regulatory and quality standards.
  • E-Cabinet always on board (in front). Enhance the all-in one space saver compact setupEasiness of installation and maintenance.
  • PLC with embedded multicolour touch screen HMI Automation and diagnostic function, reliable – repeatable – fail safe. Easy to use and cycle real time information (and alarms) displayed.
  • Quality of construction: Entirely made of AISI316 S/s and FDA approved polymers. Non proprietary high quality components (Gemu, Hilge, Festo, SMC)

Key features of W200

  • Rotating arms and quick lock
  1. Water supplied simultaneously to both arms and quick lock
  2. Limited piping and valves lead to simple system easy to maintain,
  3. Qualify and manufacture
  • Interchangeable loading baskets via quick lock
  1. Allow to process a wide variety of parts from different process lines
  2. Product contact and non contact parts can easily be cleaned
  • Drying facility (with HEPA filtered hot air)
  1. Cleaned parts/tools/items can immediately be re-used
  2. Short downtime of the equipment for cleaning operation
  • Steam or electrical heating
  1. Flexibility of use according to the sources of energy available (however steam heating is more performing leading to shorter cycles)
  • Up to two water connections
  1. Wash and rinse can be performed with different water quality (RO/PW)
  2. Optimisation of the water usage focused on running cost savings
  • Up to two detergent dosing systems with flow meter
  1. Allow to use the right chemical for any cleaning task
  2. Improve the efficiency of the cleaning process
  • Hinged glass doors (single or double/ interlocking)
  1. Manually operated doors lead compact design and easy of service
  2. Glass doors permit to observe the process in progress with no light
  • Active door sealing by inflatable gaskets
  1. Guarantee of tightness of the chamber
  2. Allow real barrier separation between loading/ unloading areas
  • Final rinse water conductivity control
  1. Guarantee of perfect rinsing of the load
  2. Validated procedure, reduces the frequency of the QA tests
  • W200’s Locked configuration limited to the price list options
  1. Limited options according to the market needs without over-featuring. Simple engineering, lean production means manufacturing cost reduction
  2. Price effectiveLimited investment for a great improvement od the cleaning proceduresEvery company can afford it!
  3. cGMP documentation packageQualification protocols and procedures for easy of qualification. Everything is duly documented for straight forward inspections/audits

W200 is available in 2 variants: W200-040 and W200-080.

W200 is a new cleaning solution ideal for customers looking for safety of operation and production, reliable and robust of equipment, efficient cleaning performance, easiness of use

Validated cleaning process, cGMP, FDA and GAMP5 compliant, compact and performing solution.

Contact Details:
Mack Universal
B-48, Malegaon MIDC,
Sinnar, Dist – Nasik,
Pin – 422 113, Maharashtra (India).
Tlfx: +91 (2551) 230877
Mob: +91 93206 68848
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