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Laboratory refrigerators from Cole-Parmer

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Cole-Parmer offers laboratory refrigerators, a reliable storage of high value and critical samples. These refrigerators operate with stable temperatures and are developed for the consistent storage of samples. With sleek design, large storage capacity and a concealed thermostat, it is the first choice for most of the applications in pharmaceuticals, laboratories and universities.

The refrigerators are equipped with external digital temperature display and fully electronic temperature control that ensures a correct set temperature between +2°C to +8°C and are developed for the consistent storage of samples. The refrigerators have large control panel. Its large display provides an easy view of the current cabinet temperature. You can view temperature history with the illustrative graph chart that can be generated on the screen. Temperature data can also be downloaded with the USB data logging system. The tall and streamlined design makes the refrigerator fit easily into any room and setup. Mobility is, in addition, enhanced by the castors, which makes positioning and re-positioning effortless and is equipped with an ergonomic door handle for better grip and LED lighting for clear viewing of contents.

Typical applications of these refrigerators are storage of reagents, chromatography equipment and samples, biological / BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) samples, culture media, vaccines, and academic research labs/biotech labs/pharmaceutical labs/certain clinical labs.

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