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Inventrom launches complete temperature and humidity monitoring solution


BTHM has proven to be 10x faster in response, and more accurate than chart recorders already present at facilities

Inventrom, a Bengaluru-based IoT solutions company has launched BTHM – Bolt Temperature and Humidity Monitor, which is a complete monitoring solution for deep freezers, refrigerators, cold rooms and dry rooms in pharma companies.

Over the past two years, the BTHM has been tested extensively in pharma labs and production facilities, where it has proven to be 10x faster in response, and more accurate than the chart recorders already present at the facilities. After several iterations and months of research, a vendor based out of Switzerland was chosen to source the on-board sensors, which boast an operating range of -40 to +1250 celsius.

The BTHM is a perfect replacement for chart recorders.  Not only does it send me alerts over SMS, but also saves me the trouble of logging data manually

Nigel Fernandes, Molbio Diagnostics, (Verna, Goa)

As shown above, the BTHM has an LCD display and a physical hooter to alert floor managers about temperature/ humidity excursions. The unit comes with a stand, and can also be mounted onto freezers/ on the wall easily. The installation process is super easy and requires no extra investment.

Say goodbye to chart recorders!

The BTHM is a big departure from the age-old chart recorders in several ways. Firstly, the BTHM gives real time alerts over SMS/ Email in case the temperature or humidity crosses a pre-defined threshold. The alerts are automatically escalated to higher management via SMS/ Email, even when they are far away from the site. Secondly, the BTHM comes along with a dedicated dashboard, which can be accessed remotely on any Internet-enabled system.

BTHM Dashboard

The dashboard, as seen above, lets you visualise the temperature and humidity data in the form of a graph, or any other desired format.  Keeping audit requirements and 21-CFR guidelines in check,  the dashboard also lets you download tamper-proof temperature data with just one click.

The best part about the dashboard is that it can be accessed from any internet enabled system, eliminating the need to install a dedicated software.

BTHM Dashboard

The BTHM also comes in two different variants – The BTHM Standalone unit and BTHM – External Probe. The Standalone unit is used for ambient temperature/ humidity monitoring in dry rooms, cold rooms, and pharma warehouses.  For monitoring temperature in sub zero conditions inside refrigerators and deep freezers, the External Sensor probe comes attached with the BTHM unit.

External sensor module

External Sensor Module

Already live in Goa-based pharma labs and diagnostic centers, the BTHM has already helped its users save time, money, and resources.  Moreover, the remote alerts over SMS/ Email have also helped them take corrective action at the right time during temperature excursions, thereby saving them from having to discard an entire lot of products.


The BTHM ships all over India and comes along with all relevant IQ/OQ/PQ documentation.

Contact Details:
79, 11th Cross Rd,
Indiranagar, Bengaluru,
Karnataka – 560038
(L) +91 88811 97198
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