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Industrial Equipwash hose down unit provides instantaneous hot water


20180331ep30IEWI Hose Down Unit (Mixing Battery) provides instantaneous hot water economically by mixing steam and ambient water to the required temperature through a simple turn of a knob. The mixing battery is supplied with isolation valves, check valves, union joints, strainers and thermometer to know the temperature of the emerging hot water. Mixing battery provides industry with cheap hot water wherever steam is available, along with water. It incorporates a hydraulic fail safe device, so that when correctly installed and maintained, no steam regardless of its pressure can enter the mixing chamber until the water flows to raise the steam valve of its seat. When turned off at the outlet, there is an immediate and positive shut-off.

Hot and cold water hose stations and mixing

UNITS will produce hot water instantly and keep on producing it as long as there is a constant supply of steam and cold water.This unit is equipped with a dial thermometer which indicates the temperature of the wash water, and by means of the control valves the user can adjust the unit to produce hot water of the desired temperature If for some reason the cold water supply fail, the steam is instantly shut off. This action is positive and automatic and does not rely on thermostats or electrical devices. When the unit is properly maintained, this safely feature eliminates the hazard of steam burns. This unit comes fitted with 3 to 5 metre of high pressure water hose. Within this complete wash down unit, the operator can do a better and more economical clean-up job since the unit furnishes a steady supply of hot water at the desired temperature and the spray nozzle allows him to regulate the water from a solid jet to a fine spray. Moreover, there is no waste of water since the flow stops the instant the spray nozzle lever is released.


Low initial cost, low maintenance, no complicated mechanism to get out of order, no expensive hot water steam needed, can be easily installed in the part of the plant where steam and water lines.

Water saver nozzle

20180331ep31Heavy duty, stainless steel, water saver nozzle is designed for cleaning applications in pharma, food, dairies, breweries, beverage and cosmetics. It does a better job with the least amount of water. The precision made nozzle enables the operator to get any type of stream of water to do jobs by simply pressing the lever.

A slight spray is sent forth with slight pressure on the handle. The nozzle automatically shuts off the moment the lever is released, thereby eliminating water wastage. The nozzle is provided with molded rubber jacket to avoid thermal shock. The unit operates on water max pressure of 10 kg/cm². Inlet hose connections offered are ½” and¾”.

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