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IKA launches A 10 basic batch mill


20151215ep85The new A 10 basic batch mill from IKA offers a lot of extras for increased safety and ease of use. The mill operates only when the cover is closed and can only be opened when at a standstill. A quick-stop function further in-creases safety for the operator. A membrane keyboard makes operation easy, while the digital timer, the counter showing the grinding time and the error code display are additional user-friendly features. The mill is unique in allowing users to reduce the capacity of the grinding chamber for small sample sizes.

The redesigned batch mill with integrated cooling water connections grinds hard and brittle, as well as soft and fibrous materials – all up to a volume of 50 ml. Samples become brittle in the grinding chamber, which means that tough, oily and aqueous samples can be processed. The A 10 basic can be operated in intermittent mode.

The cover is easy to open and close with the bayonet lock, while cutters and knives can be replaced in just a few simple steps. The A 10.1 stainless steel cutter is included in delivery. The mill can be used in virtually any industry, especially in food, cosmetics and chemicals, as well as in agriculture and pharma.

Contact Details:
Sonja Steiert
Project Manager – Sales & Marketing
IKA India
814/475, Survey No.129/1
Mysore Road, Kengeri
Bangalore – 560060
Tel: +91 (080) 26253 960
Fax: +91 (080) 26253 901
Email: [email protected]

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