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Goodwill Retails launches FiberFix in India

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20170215ep20FiberFix has been introduced in India by Goodwill Retails. It can fix an array of problems ranging from fixing pipes to broken hardware. As the name suggests, FiberFix uses industrial grade fibre and resin to repair and fix products from mixed media that will bond to almost anything, hardens like steel, and provides a permanent fix. It is also more than a 100x stronger than duct tape.

A number of industries, including pharmaceutical industry, can benefit from its usage as it fixes motor pipes, water pipes, high pressure pipes, vehicle parts, breaks in machine parts, garner hoses, etc. It can drastically reduce down time in industrial settings, not only saving money, but also resulting in better productivity and efficiency.

FiberFix being self-adhesive, requires no other products in the process which takes about two to five minutes. It is waterproof and heat resistant.

It comes in two variants- the wrap and the patch. The wrap is available in four sizes –1”x12”, 1”x40”, 2”x50”, 4”x60”.The patch comes in three sizes- 3”x3”, 2”x8” and 5”x5”.

Apart from India, the product is also available in over 24 countries.

Contact Details:
HK Jain,
GoodWill Retails
Mob: 9619997115/ 9619993115
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

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