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Fedegari’s integrated systems & solutions for pharmaceuticals

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ACE Technologies brings to you world renowned autoclaves and sterilisers from FEDEGARI, the trendsetters in the manufacture of sterilisers and plants for processes using dense-phase fluids.

Each one of FEDEGARI’s products is the result of research, design and manufacturing work since the last 50 years.

When all the technologies and knowledge we now take for granted and access so easily were unavailable, expertise, tradition and perseverance of both the craftsman and the entrepreneur ensured achievement of ambitious results, well beyond the reach of others. The difference between two similar products became immediately evident on just touching and recognising the handcraft finish.

Nowadays, these distinguishing features are much harder to recognise in an industrial product. Culture today, lacking the practical approach of the past, leads to diminished appreciation of tangible values and takes the ability of machine tools to produce the same finish for granted. But while this is true for products manufactured in runs of thousands of units, it cannot apply to one-of-a-kind products, such as custom-made machines. It’s a bit like saying that all sterilisers sterilise by virtue of their name. Yet this is not so: the end result is the consequence of machine features and user know-how.

With a Fedegari steriliser, a user, having the required know-how, is aware of obtaining a performance unattainable with other machines. This is why our best clients are also the most demanding.

The overall performance of a machine or of a system is not the logical consequence of a set of components itemised according to relevant standard features, but rather the result of the people whose minds and hands designed and built them. The skilful alchemy created by many human talents, co-ordinated and guided towards an apparently simple goal: Manufacturing the best sterilisers in the world.


Each Fedegari product is the result of extensive research, design and manufacture, our way of doing things here for the past 50 years, with professionalism and dedication. Being considered one of today’s leading steriliser manufacturers worldwide stems from the distinguishing features imposed by the founders from the company’s very start, in the early 1950s. Over half a century later, we have retained the ‘craftsman’s spirit’ of our early days, the care for detail in giving shape to matter, without neglecting the rigour of those days, combining these factors with the requirements of industrial production.

Fedegari was the first to introduce an absolutely innovative strategy in the field of sterilisation: to exclusively design machines according to specific user operating requirements.

Our sterilisers are highly customised industrial products, designed to satisfy the needs of our customers. They are based on specifically engineered functional modules minimising risks connected to production of ever-differing machines, while guaranteeing top performances. Precisely thanks to constant collaboration with our customers, we have been able to develop and increase our company’s know-how, something without which we would never have achieved today’s results. ACE technologies is an official representative of Fedegari in India.

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