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Debug Services launches ImageCompare

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Debug Services has launched inspection software ImageCompare from Ladegast, Germany for the Indian market.

Quality inspection of printed packaging is a huge challenge for most pharmaceutical and printing companies around the world. It is often done manually. This method is extremely time consuming and lends itself to a great margin of human error. With over 20 years of experience, Ladegast is proud of its history as the pioneers in quality control and inspection solutions. As a printing company with over 60 years of experience in pharma packaging solutions, Ladegast is constantly developing ImageCompare to the up-to-date regulations and technology. Their software ImageCompare is widely used by pharma manufacturers, food and consumer goods manufacturers, printing and packaging, etc. Fortune 100 companies worldwide rely on Ladegast to help them bring their packaged products to market quickly, accurately and efficiently.

The inspection software ImageCompare operates on a pixel-basis, language independent, using advanced comparison technology. Hence it ensures that possible deviations (in text, barcodes, Braille, artwork) are detected accurately at every stage of the production process. It is easy to use, flexible and reliable (For example any Asiatic pharma leaflet with the format XXL, which cannot be inspected with the eye, can be checked accurately with the ImageCompare Software within only a few minutes).

A major advantage of the solution is in fact the sensitivity issue. The degree of sensitivity, as far as detecting differences goes, can be adjusted based on the unique needs of the organisation. Ladegast is the only provider that can offer this degree of flexibility and offer such high-level custom solutions.

The company Ladegast and the development of ImageCompare are certified of having implemented and maintaining a quality management system which fulfils the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. ImageCompare fulfils the requirements of FDA 21 CFR Part11.

Debug Services also offer complete validation services from documentation to execution for pharma customers.

Contact Details:
Darshan J Divecha
Debug Services
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Mob: +91 98201 08182
Email: [email protected]

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