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Colorcon invests in its Goa facility

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Colorcon has completed a major expansion of capacity at its South Asia production facility in Verna, Goa. The investment in incremental manufacturing capacity is evidence of Colorcon’s ongoing commitment to the Indian pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. The Goa plant is one of six Colorcon manufacturing plants dedicated to film coatings. These plants are strategically located close to key customer centres in India, China, Europe, North America and Japan.

Subodh Priolkar, Regional Managing Director for South Asia, Colorcon said the investment would enable Colorcon to continue to meet the needs of its customers through security of supply and short lead times. “Having been established in the region for over 30 years, Colorcon is proud to be the supplier of choice for film coatings and excipients to the pharmaceutical industry in India and South Asia. We are excited about the plant expansion and are well positioned to continue supporting the growth of our customers in the region. Our customers value our commitment to the region and our ability to support them throughout the entire product lifecycle, from the product design stage to production with services like tablet design, technical and regulatory support.”

Martti Hedman, Chief Executive Officer, Colorcon said “India is one of the fastest growing pharma markets due to improving standard of living, easier access to western medicine and increase of lifestyle diseases. India is also the most important production cluster of generic medicines for global markets. Colorcon is investing heavily in India to support its customers during both development and manufacture. Speed to market, cost to produce and consistently high product quality are our customers’ strategic objectives. Colorcon continues to work relentlessly to help our customers to meet these objectives better than any other supplier.”

The Goa site operates under schedule M of the Indian FDA and IPEC guidelines, with Colorcon accredited to the latest ISO 9001 standard. Colorcon provides industry leading film coatings, modified release technologies, functional excipients and tablet design services to the pharma industry. Its products meet the highest standards for quality, efficiency and safety.

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