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Cleanroom industry in India – On the path to progress

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Ravi Thakur, Director, Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions, talks about the rapid progress in India’s cleanroom industry

In today’s world, the cleanroom industry is one of the major industries growing at lightning speed. Pharmintech Turnkey Solutions believes that the cleanroom industry has grown rapidly in India and in the other developing countries.

Has you ever thought of the number of research done on understanding the market position of this industry? According to some latest research, it is seen that India and other African countries will be the largest buyers or consumer hubs in the upcoming years in relation to pharma products, food products, healthcare sector, semi-conductor industry etc.


Indian research statistics say that the Indian cleanroom industry has seen considerable growth during the past two to three decades with more than 4000 pharma, R&D, food companies. India holds a huge share in the cleanroom market globally.

I remember an expert saying, “Investing in Indian cleanroom industry in the 21st century generates high and instantaneous economic growth.”


If we talk about cleanroom contracting or cleanroom equipment manufacturers in India, they offer turnkey contracts to establish a competitive advantage and attract more new business. We believe that offering turnkey contracts delivers high performance and flexible completion and solutions of work.

The cleanroom industry is developing rapidly with the invention of new products, services and machineries, some industries offer turnkey cleanroom contracts to the product manufacturing companies for their plants, labs etc. and hold superior position in the market than other contractors and manufacturers.

Turnkey contractors do everything needed for the projects. Hence, project management consultants need not search for various contractors for a particular work. This, in turn, saves their overall project time.

The primary benefit of turnkey contracting is that the facility can be utilised as soon as the project is completed. As far as I have seen, turnkey projects allow other industries to share technologies, know-how and a great way to earn economic returns from the advantages and provide the skill to power and control the services.

Though the expectations are good from this industry in India, there is a need to update the technology to achieve benefits in the turnkey contracting.

We, Pharmintech, are experienced in offering cleanroom and HVAC turnkey projects, manufacturing cleanroom equipment and thereby offering a concept of ‘one vendor satisfaction’ to our clients.

Turnkey services provided by us include cleanroom partitions and doors, HVAC, cleanroom equipment, and validation.

We deliver defect-free and flawless range of products, widely demanded in various pharma cosmetic, biotechnology and food industries across the globe.

Assisted by a futuristic infrastructural and a diligent team of executives, we are capable of becoming one of the noticeable choices of their clients within a short span of time. We have achieved a stature in this competitive market.

Our main target of the company is customer satisfaction through awareness of customer needs and quality control. Our products and services are constantly upgraded. Our cross-sector obligations go far beyond the scope of our business, sustainable development, and environmental protection, social and civic policies.

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