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CLARiSUITE webserver extends the promise of ‘‘the right code on the right product’’

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Videojet Technologies, a global leader in coding and printing solutions, has enhanced its CLARiSUITE software product line with the launch of CLARiSUITE WebServer Edition. The new CLARiSUITE WebServer Edition offers functionality to help drive sustainable improvements in overall equipment effectiveness, by helping manufacturers remove inefficiencies and the risk of operator error including data entry and job selection. Furthermore, the upgraded software helps enable manufacturers to monitor and control a specific job, line or printer from multiple locations and is adapted to run as a service in modern IT environments with physical and virtual servers and no need for a hardware dongle. 

CLARiSUITE WebServer software solution reduces the amount of time operators need to visit their production sites and lines, as they are able to observe the status of the printer, configure it and download jobs over any web browser within their networked environment.

CLARiSUITE WebServer also allows manufacturers, in the event of a problem occurring, to respond more rapidly and minimise downtime, since operators with access to the web server can check the status of a job, regardless of their location. In today’s global-orientated market, there is amplified reliance on manufacturers to run several production lines simultaneously with numerous products per line and codes to manage. CLARiSUITE WebServer operates as a service independent from the main server, to meet IT infrastructure demands, so the main user administration interface is detached and runs on any machine on the network, unlike traditional applications hosted on a single computer server. The monitoring software therefore is always active, eradicating the need for human intervention to start the program each time, increasing production line productivity and round-the-clock performance reporting.

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