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BOGE advances development of its C series

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Engineering to the customer’s wishes – based on this principle, BOGE KOMPRESSOREN is developing a new, oil-lubricated screw compressor in the performance class of up to 22 kW. The C 22-2 LFR compressor, presented to the public for the first time at the trade fair, will be available both with and without a receiver as well as with the option of an attached compressed air dryer. Further development will focus on ease of maintenance, noise reduction, and efficiency accross the entire C series. One of these developments is a new, optimised airend for the 7.5 to 11 kW range. The market launch of the new C-2 series should be completed in 2018.

Machines on receivers and those with dryers have a large share in this performance segment. Thus, in its redesigned version of the series of compressors up to 22 kW, the Bielefeld-based family enterprise gives highest priority to the technological development of the C-2 machines. These are suitable for receiver and floor assembly and will be available with an optional dryer. In this way, easy setup of a complete compressed air station will be possible in the smallest of spaces. The control system can be mounted variably: at the top or at the front for floor or receiver installation, respectively. This ensures that ergonomic criteria are fulfilled. In the frequency-controlled C-2 screw compressors, BOGE is replacing the belt drive with a direct drive in order to improve system features and meet increasing efficiency standards. For further energy savings, the company also offers an optional frequency-controlled fan and IE4 motors. As a result, sound level and power consumption are reduced. Thanks to a new component arrangement, annual maintenance can be conducted easily from one side of the machine. Additionally, a variable cooling air outlet enables flexible connection to the exhaust air duct for use of discharged heat. BOGE is devoting special attention to its performance range of 7.5 to 11 kW. As a result, it has specially created a new airend which will satisfy the highest efficiency requirements, providing a very good free air delivery-efficiency ratio. Further goals are improved performance, quiet running, and reduced power consumption. This airend, like many other C-2 models, should also be eligible for BAFA incentives.

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