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Bespak addresses India’s biopharma drive for high value drug delivery products at CPhI India 2015


The company showcases the innovative Syrina 2.25 auto-injector that brings the flexibility to design a unique form factor

20151231ep35Bespak, a leading, global drug delivery company, at the recently held CPhI India 2015, utilised the internationally sponsored event to meet clients and to further highlight how its technology, in the field of combination products, auto injectors and pen injectors, can best assist the complex requirements of India based biopharmaceutical companies. To date, Bespak has built-up and established strong customer relationships with many of the country’s leading biopharmaceutical companies for a range of products from Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) valves, injectables, respiratory devices and more.

Steven Kaufman, Bespak’s Global Business Development Lead, said, “India’s biopharma sector is on the look-out for highly innovative drug and delivery device solutions that provide a competitive edge for their products. Consequently, we are seeking to use this event to maintain our close relationships with our customers, whilst demonstrating how we can best service their needs with advanced drug delivery device technology that further increases value by helping to differentiate their generic, biobetter and biosimilar drugs.”

He continued, “For example, we will be demonstrating how our latest addition to the Syrina product range, the Syrina 2.25, which utilises cutting- edge drug delivery technology, brings the flexibility of being able to design a truly unique form factor to the market.”

Syrina 2.25 utilises the standard 2.25ml pre-filled syringe, based on Bespak’s proprietary VapourSoft technology and will also be available in a 1ml version.

The VapourSoft powerpack system helps overcome issues seen in spring-based auto-injectors. Based on proven valve technology, a small novel container of liquefied gas serves as a new power source. The propellant, when released, provides sufficient energy, in the form of a pressurised vapour, to power drug delivery and other functions. The consistent delivery performance across the Syrina product range gives researchers and biopharmaceutical companies the ability to use Syrina with VapourSoft at a very early stage of development. Several variations of the devices are available for clinical trials with a range of industrial designs being considered for the body of the auto-injectors to best suit patient needs. The Syrina auto injector with VapourSoft platform is proven to accommodate multiple primary containers, as well as high viscosity and high volume injections.

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