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Alfa Laval launches rotary jet head


Traditional spray balls in jet heads used for cleaning tanks in manufacturing facilities are static. Thus the majority of the tank cleaning energy comes from water cascading down over the tank wall at low wall shear stress. This way of cleaning requires more time, water and energy in order to compensate for the poor cleaning performance. Because of the unique design of Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Head, the first – out of eight – cleaning cycles hits the tank wall at an evenly dense cleaning pattern throughout the entire tank surface. The distance between the footprint tracks is relatively wide, but if the product is easy to clean off (e.g. milk or syrup) it only requires little wall shear stress to be removed. This means the pre-rinse cleaning of the tank is done using only one cleaning cycle, resulting in a saving of time, water and energy.

20170115ep46One cleaning cycle typically takes one to three minutes. and now that the product is effectively removed from the tank wall, the jet will offset the second cleaning cycle, thereby minimising the distances between the jets. More cleaning cycles are needed for products that are harder to clean. In terms of payback time, compared to a static spray ball, the Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Head is a higher initial investment, but its low operating cost gives a short payback time – often less than one year.

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