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Agilent Technologies launches spectrometer

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20161015ep30Agilent Technologies has introduced a new spectrometer that will enable laboratories to run more samples and generate more revenue. The new Agilent 4210 microwave plasma-atomic emission spectrometer runs on air rather than flammable gas, a feature unique to Agilent MP-AES systems, making it both safer and less expensive to operate. This is especially important to laboratories in the food, agriculture, petrochemical, environmental and mining industries.

20161015ep31The 4210 features an advanced valve system, an inert torch, a humidifier, a temperature-controlled spray chamber, a multimode sample-introduction system, and enhanced diagnostics software, all of which extend the instrument’s analytical performance, sample throughput and ease of use.

20161015ep32In addition, new automation software enables remote elemental analysis. This flexibility opens up new possibilities for applications such as on-site process stream monitoring and environmental monitoring.

20161015ep33Analysis of heavy metals, micro nutrients and precious metals is critical in food, agriculture, petrochemical, environmental and mining industries. This unique system will take multi-element analysis to labs that may not even have access to regular supply of gases at remote locations, enhance lab safety and considerably reduce the cost per sample.

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