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Agilent Technologies and Transcriptic collaborate

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Agilent Technologies and Transcriptic have agreed to partner their technologies to provide a solution for convenient, broad scale synthetic and discovery biology research.

Agilent continues its strong programme of fostering innovation using the Agilent portfolio by collaborating with rising companies such as Transcriptic to develop novel synthetic biology solutions. Transcriptic’s automated discovery biology platform enables scalable life science research through a convenient and simple web interface. Biologists who use the platform can control their science and generate data remotely via the cloud.

Transcriptic will add multiple Agilent Genomics product lines for mutagenesis and cloning to the protocol library within the Transcriptic robotic cloud laboratory. The first in the series – QuikChange Lightning – will accelerate the generation of multiple mutants for large protein function projects. Providing cutting-edge Agilent bioreagents in a robotic laboratory setting will allow a global customer base to automate and optimise workflows for rapid and efficient research discoveries.

“We’re excited to combine our genome engineering tools with automated experimentation,” said Herman Verrelst, VP, Agilent and GM of the company’s Genomics Solutions Division and Clinical Applications Division. “Transcriptic’s services are validated, scalable, and accessible from anywhere in the world, which will enhance the market for our industry-leading reagents.” “Agilent QuikChange site-directed mutagenesis kits have an unsurpassed reputation for being reliable and easy to use,” said Yvonne Linney, COO, Transcriptic. “By bringing these products to Transcriptic, we will make it extremely easy for customers to scale up their research, using many mutants to produce very large datasets for exploring protein function.”

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