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Adaptable liquid chromatography systems for HPLC and UHPLC applications


20170815ep21A liquid chromatography system is expected to deliver reliable results every day. What if requirements change, when for example a new application needs to be developed – how well can a system adapt?

The components of AZURA analytical liquid chromatography are combinable and highly adaptable. A level of modularity, rarely found elsewhere, makes it possible to adapt the system to almost any application. The eluent supply options range from standard HPLC to extended range HPLC Plus (max. 700 bar), up to UHPLC (max. 1000 bar) with optimised flow paths for sensitive and high resolution analysis. The pumps allow different gradient and solvent selection options. A choice of flow cells, including total reflection and remote detection versions, different wetted materials, and a variety of instrument control options provide excellent application flexibility.

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