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rommelag completes 50 years

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In 1963 Gerhard Hansen invented and built his first blow-fill-seal (BFS) machine. In May 1964 he founded rommelag in Aarau, Switzerland to sell his products internationally. Today rommelag is a member of the Hansen Group headed by CEO Bernd Hansen, with sales companies in Switzerland, Germany, the US and China. It is the world’s leading supplier of blow-fill-seal machinery, with the brand name bottelpack.

It’s a matter of three steps. All bottelpack machines operate according to the BFS principle. In a single automatic process they create containers from thermoplastic granules (blow), insert the contents (fill) and close them (seal). BFS technology does not require the cleaning and sterilisation processes that are essential in other kinds of container production. To provide maximum security in the aseptic packaging of sterile liquids, creams, ointments and vaccines, the machines are equipped with additional modules for quality assurance and monitoring. The modules include aseptic systems for automatic cleaning and sterilisation of lines that come into contact with products. Customers throughout the world quickly recognised the advantages of plastic containers. Aseptic packaging by means of bottelpack BFS systems is gaining increasing dominance. Plastic materials offer a number of advantages to manufacturers and users of infusion containers and ampoules. They are strong enough to be made very thin without risk of breaking, they are easily collapsible, and they are chemically inert. Thus handling is easy and safe, not only in hospitals but also in mobile operations. As a consequence they are finding increasing use in countries like China and India, where nationwide healthcare is still in the development phase.

Thanks to subcontracting by its sister companies Holopack in Germany and maropack in Switzerland, rommelag is able to offer a diverse range of products and services for packaging of liquids. It provides support to its customers in manufacturing trials, contract manufacturing, process development, qualification and validation. Customers can even move their bottelpack machines to Holopack Pharma 2020 for production.

One can only hope that rommelag’s worldwide efforts to promote the use of aseptic plastic packaging meet with success.

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