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Flowcrete Systems qualify as cleanroom suitable materials


Two of Flowcrete’s epoxy-based floor and wall coating systems are now able to better demonstrate their suitability for use within cleanroom environments having qualified as Cleanroom Suitable Materials (CSM) under the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA).

Both Flowshield SL — a colourful, high-gloss, self levelling epoxy floor coating and Flowseal EPW Wall — a pigmented, hygienic epoxy based wall sealer have met the requirements of a number of cleanroom standards set out by the IPA in accordance with the CSM test parameters.

Manufacturing under cleanroom or clean conditions is essential for a growing number of industries in order to safeguard process operations and the quality of components.

A cleanroom is defined as a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants including dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical vapours.

Cleanrooms are designed in such a way that the number of particles, which have been brought into the room or which have arisen and been deposited in the room, is as small as possible, and where other parameters relevant to cleanliness, such as temperature, humidity and pressure are also controlled as required.

CSM is an industry alliance that was initiated by the Fraunhofer IPA institute in 2003. The CSM alliance develops testing methods based on international standards and is dedicated to assessing and validating the cleanroom suitability of anything that is used within the design or is entering a cleanroom environment.

The CSM qualification defines the suitability of equipment or material against a specific cleanroom class based on its emission of airborne particles, biological resistance, outgassing behaviour, cleanability, electrostatic discharge properties and chemical resistance amongst other factors.

CSM status is a critical qualification for decision-makers selecting materials and equipment in front-end semiconductor manufacturing but also pharmaceutical cleanrooms.

Under testing, Flowshield SL exhibited excellent biological resistance (inert and fungi static) in accordance with ISO 846. Emissions of TVOC (Total Volatile Organic Compounds) at 23°C did not exceed the limiting values for ISO-ACCm Class-8.7 according to ISO 14664-8 and particle release under frictional stress demonstrated compliance with the air cleanliness requirements of ISO Class 4 cleanrooms according to ISO 14644-1.

Flowshield SL is hardwearing and highly abrasion resistant epoxy floor coating system, which is laid in a seamless application to deliver a hygienic, easily cleaned surface.

The system is designed for use in dry process areas where the floor is typically subject to medium to heavy-duty foot, trolley, pallet truck and rubber wheeled forklift traffic. Typical uses include laboratories, clean rooms, warehouses, and electronic component manufacturing plants.

Flowseal EPW Wall Sealer is a naturally coloured epoxy coating for use on both walls and ceilings, used to ensure a hygienic, easily cleaned and chemical resistant lining within cleanroom environments. Flowseal EPW Wall Sealer when tested for outgassing behaviour registered emissions of TVOC at 23°C not exceeding the limiting values for ISO-ACCm Class>-9.6 according to ISO 14664-8.

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