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Continuous innovations are the source of improving connectivity


Since packaging is the interface between the manufacturer and the end users, continual innovations are the source of improving connectivity with the end users to design the system more patient centric and focus on environment keeping in mind the regulations and manufacturing point of view with respect to infrastructure, cost etc.

The Innovation Circle
The Innovation Circle

There are five major challenges while designing  pharma packaging they are :
i.) Comply with the country specific regulations
ii.) Focus on end users
iii.) Sustainability
iv.) Save the brand from counterfeit products
v.) Cost

Thinking of innovation, our creativity always focusses towards the end users taking into consideration- sustainability, regulations and manufacturing ease. For example, as per the survey conducted in UK, more than 16 per cent of the world population will be more than 60 years of age by 2030. One segment for innovation require to focus on elderly people and their requirement (readability of the information on the label, reminder for drug dose, avoiding over dosage etc.). The pack should be designed in a way that will not be a threat to the environment i.e. generation of minimal packaging waste and can be easily recycled and reused or can be used to generate energy. An innovation ecosystem (See image) is a system/circle with challenges with respect to requirement, cost and sustainability.

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